Qubo MagZap Z2 Wireless Charging Stand and MagZap Z3 Wireless Charging Pad Review

We have seen how Qubo has developed as a brand over the past years. They are a member of the well-known Hero group of businesses and are diversifying into a few intriguing product categories. We’ve already reviewed a few of their devices, which range from smart cameras to smart audio sunglasses.  The company has now brought in two new luxury products aimed at iPhone users. The Qubo MagZap Z3 wireless charger and the Qubo MagZap Z2 wireless charging dock are these. We have been using all the above-mentioned wireless charging solutions for a little over two weeks now, and should you buy one for yourself? Let’s find out in our review.

Qubo MagZap Z3 Wireless Charger

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01343 result scaledA creative interpretation of what a flexible Apple charging mat might have looked like is the Qubo MagZap Z3. Three separate charging coils, each devoted to a different Apple product, are present on the wireless charger. The mat is composed of plastic that has been reinforced with rubber, which helps the unit fold and makes it simple to carry in a backup. Regarding appearance, the charger is available in just one shade, Black, and has distinct branding for each supported device on the charging coils.

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01341 result scaledThe very first coil, which is used to charge the Apple AirPods, is on the left. Next to it is the Apple Watch charger, which can be angled so that the watch may be used as a bedside clock while charging. The iPhones are charged at typical MagSafe speeds using the coil on the left. The base is powered via a USB C port that is cunningly concealed in the back, along with two status LEDs. It allows input currents as high as 20W for effective charging. In terms of outputs, the AirPods coil has a maximum charge output of 3W, the watch coil has a maximum charge output of 2.5W, and the iPhone coil has a maximum charge output of 15W.

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01340 result scaled

Qubo MagZap Z2 Wireless Charging Stand

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01362 result scaledThe Qubo MagZap Z2 is a standard, everyday 2-in-1 wireless charging dock that has recently gained popularity thanks to MagSafe. The charging station, which is composed of plastic, allows you to simultaneously charge two devices. The charging stand comes in a single White color option with a base that has a slot for an Apple Watch or the AirPods, while the phone is lifted on a stand.

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01377 result scaledThe tilt adjustment on the stand is buttery smooth and exudes quality. The phones are magnetized to the stand because it is MagSafe compliant. This indicates that iPhones 12 and later can use the stand. The unit gets its power through a USB Type C port which is placed on the base with a neat green gasket around it, which is a nice design touch.

Qubo MagZap Z2 amp MagZap Z3 AVI01379 result scaledOn the base, we get an area to charge AirPods and other Qi-compatible TWS earbuds with a max output of 5W. We tested the base using an old Fossil smartwatch, and it worked flawlessly. Therefore, in theory, if a WearOS watch supports wireless charging, you may charge it at 5W as well, although the primary coil for iPhones has a maximum output rate of 15W.