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Quarantine Trend or Here to Stay?

Many people remember 2020 as a year of endless trials and tribulations. However, it was also a catalyst for American ingenuity. Trends that sprung up out of the pandemic have set the stage for improved systems across a variety of industries. This is true, especially in personal health care.

Quarantine mandates pushed for advances in various technological services, such as contactless pickup and improved delivery systems. One of these services was online prescription ordering, particularly for regularly ordered prescriptions like birth control.

As life is starting to return back to some form of normal, trends such as this still remain. However, patients now face a crossroads. Do they continue to seek prescriptions online, or do they revert back to seeking medical assistance in person? This article will discuss if the online prescription trend was nothing but quarantine hype or if it’s here to stay for good.

Desire for Convenience

Perhaps the single greatest reason why online birth control is here to stay is due to how incredibly convenient it is. Getting prescriptions of any kind delivered right to your door is the kind of convenience patients want.

Birth control is a prescription that you need to take regularly. For busy individuals, trying to find time to get a refill in person at the pharmacy can be a challenge. It’s much more reliable to get a recurring prescription sent to your home before it’s time for your next series of doses.

Increased Safety

Part of the reason online prescriptions took off was due to COVID-19. Businesses across all industries looked for touchless solutions to provide products and services without risking the spread of the virus. The healthcare industry led the way as they aimed to treat patients without exposing them to more illnesses.

You don’t have to be diagnosed with COVID-19 to want to stay home and be safe. There are plenty of diseases you don’t want to pass along or bring home. Plus, you might live with someone who is immunocompromised that you want to keep safe. Having your medication sent to you will keep others safe while still getting you the care you need. Birth control will continue to make the list of prescriptions available for delivery, as it can be easily refilled.

More Privacy

You don’t have to broadcast to the world that you’re using birth control. People take birth control for many reasons, all of which are private matters. Some people use it to regulate their periods, while others use it to control acne. No matter your reason for using birth control, it’s your business.

Ordering your prescriptions online just helps keep your private life to yourself. However, remember to practice safe internet use and manage your passwords carefully. Records are kept secure by the practitioner, but keeping information safe online is a different animal. It’s your job to make sure your login and password are secure.

That isn’t to say that it’s impossible to keep your patient data safe online. Just be sure not to be complacent and take some extra measures to increase your cybersecurity. Don’t share your login information with others, always use a secure network, and change your passwords regularly.

Additional Vendors

The entrepreneurial spirit that fuels America has captured the online prescription market. Grasping at the opportunity, more online vendors have emerged to make the option more widely available to everyone. More vendors mean more chances you can get birth control or other common prescriptions.

Just look at how established companies constantly chase each other for market space. Corporate giants like Walmart are adding automation and enhanced pick-up options in order to compete with e-commerce companies such as Amazon. As online prescriptions continue to pick up steam, you can expect pharmacies to jump on the trend so they don’t lose patients.

Reduced Cost

Every time you make a visit to the doctor, you’ll have to shell out a copay. That’s assuming that you have insurance to foot the rest of the bill. Without insurance, you’ll be paying a lot more just to step into a doctor’s office. Either way, it can cost you money every time you visit a provider in person.

Ordering medications online is one way to save. After a brief online consultation, you can get your prescription approved. This approach cuts out a lot of the extra expense associated with a traditional doctor’s visit and a trip to the pharmacy. You’ll have fewer copays and can often enjoy great rates on medications with few to no shipping fees.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the competition mentioned in the previous section. When there is sufficient competition in an industry, prices are driven down. That’s good news for patients. More pharmacies and healthcare companies competing in the online prescription space will regulate pricing to keep it at an affordable rate.

Enabling Technology

Think about the technology these companies are using to provide a better customer experience. It might seem crazy to think about a drone delivering prescriptions to your door. But that reality might not be too far off. In a few short years, your birth control could be airdropped to your back porch.

As innovation continues to push technology forward, online birth control and other prescriptions will become more accessible and easier to distribute. Soon, patients and consumers will be clamoring for same-day prescription deliveries after submitting an online order.

Telehealth will also push the online prescription trend forward. Telehealth involves consulting with a doctor over a digital video connection instead of in person at a clinic. As more people start video chatting with their physicians, more online prescriptions might get filled.

Are you an online prescription believer or a traditionalist who prefers the lobby of a local clinic? No matter where you stand, advances in healthcare services are good for everyone. The pandemic just might have changed healthcare trends for good, especially when it comes to online birth control. Only time will tell if this quarantine trend sticks around for the long haul.

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