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PXN V9 Racing Steering Wheel Evaluation

Racing has no fun without a racing simulator anymore, and with various options available, finding a decent racing wheel with good quality and even better price can be daunting. Though, if you are looking for a beginner’s steering wheel to level up your gaming, PXN V9 is a good choice for around $200, in my opinion. I have been playing along with various steering wheels, and with all the components that come with them, it is rather a steal.

What I like the most about PXN V9 is its USB compatibility with all contemporary systems that add to its versatility. Along with its compatibility, its multi-functional high-tech capabilities take the racing game experience to a whole new level.

What is in the box?

pxn v9

The PXN V9 comes with a steering wheel, a foot pedal, a shifter, two U-fixed brackets, and a user manual, neatly packed inside the box. The user manual comes with all the instructions to set it up with multiple systems.

What did I like?

Ergonomic Design

Depending on the use, it is essential to look for usability for longer hours of gaming. Your racing simulator must feel as comfortable as an actual steering wheel. PXN V9 drive wheel has sturdy construction with a built-in dual motor that offers a real driving feel with a variable sense of vibrations.

There are a number of controls located on the front of the wheel, each of which is associated with a different system. The D-Pad is primarily used for navigation in most games, and it performs well in this capacity.

Connection ports, an audio passthrough, and paddles on each side of the wheel are located on the back of the wheel, which gives it an elegant look.

I highly admire its ergonomic rubber non-slip matte finish for the steering wheel, which offers a comfortable grip for more extended use without hurting your hands. You can conveniently and securely rest the racing wheel on the flat surface with seven powerful suction cups and two U-shaped fixtures that nicely keep it in place. The wheel is 11 inches in diameter, which is pretty easy to use.


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I really liked the compatibility choices it offers that enormously add to one of the fantastic features. It works with all current console generations, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC. I got PXN V9 mainly for euro truck simulator 2. Moreover, it works excellent for Forza horizon at Xbox. Asphalt and Sonic racing on Nintendo also have smooth working without any issues seen.


The wheel can be connected to the system like any other controller. A single console button push connects to the PC once you insert the port. I had an issue with the connectivity that could be resolved by checking the controller. Though, its 12 monthly warranty comes in handy for replacing the components if there is an issue.


Steering Wheel

PXN V9 Racing Steering Wheel

The steering wheel comes with a shift stick and pedal set. With the help of a USB cable, the pedal and shift stick connect to the wheel. To access its 900-degree wheel rotation, all you have to do is move a button at the bottom of its wheelbase. The switch may also be moved to specify a minimum rotation of 270 degrees. Everything is as you would expect it to be during the game when you get your hands on the wheel.

The rim of the controller has a good amount of traction on it that keeps the wheel from sliding around as you play. Paddle shifters are also included on the wheel rim, which is a welcome addition for gamers. Personally, I prefer the wheelbase since it has a contemporary appearance. However, the performance is almost the same.



There are three primary features that I like about PXN V9. The addition of a third pedal is terrific compared to other wheels in this price range that don’t have a clutch. It provides the most authentic feel. The plastic frame has rubber strips or suction cups on the bottom to prevent slippage. However, they are ineffective but the feel of the pedals is not as realistic as it could have been, in my opinion. When pulling them down, all three pedals, including the brake, need the exact same effort to push down. This significantly takes away the feel and reality of the pedals, which makes them a little hard to alter and stay consistent with.

The paddles with the right amount of resistance and feedback feel “right” when you move them left, right, up, or down. It’s worth noting that there is no resistance variation while these pedals are in use, which results in them feeling a touch linear. For beginners, it can be a little annoying. However, for experienced gamers, I do not feel it is as much of an issue. However, they are absolutely adequate for arcade-style racing if you’re flooring it for most of the time.



The general look and feel of the H-pattern shifter appeal to me the most. As a result of their asymmetrical design, they have a highly modern appearance, which gives a very aesthetic appeal to your overall setup. The hand brakes are located at the top for rapid and smooth changing on the go, along with two rocker switches for Lo or Hi.

Control button feels: The buttons and D-pad on the wheel were a little disappointing, to say the least. Because they have little movement and a little gratifying snap when pressed, they have a toy feel to them when I press them down.


V9 Tools Assistant App

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The PXN V9 racing wheel features an intelligent app that allows for fun and personalized control through the phone. It is convenient, quick, and helpful in operating the wheel and the settings.

Easy-Access Controls

V9 has an exceptionally ergonomic design for the wheel that comes with all the buttons within your hands’ reach. On the left, there is a cross key and a left paddle button. However, on the right, there are ABXY buttons and a right paddle button. In the centre, there are function keys that can be accessed without hassle in between games.

What to expect: PXN V9 for Euro Truck Simulator


Over the years, I’ve spent more on racing wheels than I have on games, but it’s worth it. With the wheel, pedals, and gear shifter in easy access on PXN V9, I had little weariness after a few hours of ETS 2, unlike other racing wheels at such a price.

Also, the setup for the ETS was smooth. With the help of the “V9 Tools” app on both Android and iOS, the configuration is smooth. Once the steering wheel is connected to the PC, the app automatically prompts a connection to PXN V9. After configuration, the controls can be adjusted from the settings in the app. It does not take much time, and its user-friendly interface offers a convenient setting.

For the Euro Truck Simulator, here are the corresponding functions of the steering wheel buttons for your convenience. They are easily accessible from the control settings in the app.

Buttons Functions
Right paddle       Right-turn indicator
Left paddle Left-turn indicator
Button A           Airhorn
Button B           Start/stop Engine
Button X           Next camera
Button Y           World map
L-D-pad            Look left
R-D-Pad           Look right
L1/LB             Wipers
L2/LT             Light modes
L3               Enter
R1/RB            Cruise control
R2/RT             Audio player
R3               Trailer Attach/Detach

From the shifter, axis, clutch, and breaks, everything can be set or controlled from the setting that offers a convenient and quick installation according to your personalized setting.


As a whole, the PXN V9 is a good choice as a PC steering wheel to take racing games to a whole new level. The racing wheel is intended to mimic the sensation of a genuine steering wheel and, in fact, does a better job than the alternatives I have used so far. Moreover, its gorgeous black ABS plastic finish and haptic solid feedback mechanisms that simulate friction are highly appreciable.

Having these characteristics at the price of $200 makes it a fantastic pick for nearly every racing game out there. To top it all off, if you don’t want to bother swapping controllers while playing games, you can use the gamepad on the wheel as you would a traditional controller.

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