Home News Puma launches its own branded smartwatch in India, priced INR 19,995

Puma launches its own branded smartwatch in India, priced INR 19,995

Puma, a globally renowned sports brand has entered the smart wearable segment with its new Puma smartwatch. Developed in collaboration with the Fossil Group which again is a world leader in the design and development of smart wearables, the Puma smartwatch lives up to the Puma brand name by offering superior product design having enough health and fitness features built in to aid the athletes as well as the fitness freaks.

Powered by Google Fit, the new Puma smartwatch can perform a variety of tasks, which includes keeping track of Pilates, rowing, spinning and so on. It can all keep watch over your reps when you are into strength training exercise such as performing push ups and such. With Google Fit onboard, you will also be able to set and track your fitness goals. You will be served notifications when you have reached them, or the progress you have made on the long run.

PT9102 INR 19995

There is going to be a range of sensors onboard too to keep track of your vital health parameters. Those include a heart rate tracker that will keep a watch on your heart rate at all times, such as during workout sessions or when you are sweating.

There is an integrated GPS as well which can keep track of your movements wherever you go during your hiking or other adventures. It having its own GPS chip ensures operation independent of a smartphone. The Puma smartwatch will also let you listen to your favourite beats as it comes with Spotify app support.

The smartwatch is also compatible with Google Assistant, which means you can set reminders or do other tasks all by voice commands. Similarly, its compatibility with Google Pay also ensures you can buy stuff and pay easily via your Puma smartwatch thanks to its ability to support NFC payments.

The smartwatch is waterproof too and hence can be worn even when you are swimming. That is not all as it can also detect automatically the workout you are performing and will launch the suitable app on its own. That way, you can focus more on the workout itself rather than having to tinker with your smartwatch each time you are getting along with a new exercise form.

These apart, the Puma smartwatch can perform a variety of other roles, which includes displaying smartphone notifications, displaying weather reports, activity tracking and such.

There are several customization options too, such as using the Scorecard dial which displays the date, time and heart rate. You can also change what information gets displayed for quick viewing while you even have the option to upload images from your social channels right on the smartwatch face itself.

The smartwatch is available in three choice of colors while the textured silicon strap allows for grip and breathability. The simple design also ensures it is as useful inside the gym as is relevant out of it and can easily be worn in the workplace too.

As for its price, the new Puma smartwatch costs INR 19,995 and is available at Puma stores all over India. Besides, it can be also bought online from Puma.com or Flipkart.