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PUBG Mobile July Update brings a new War mode, clans, and new weapons


PUBG Mobile has received its newest update that arrives with several new features, fixes, along with an all new ‘War’ mode. Users can now download the latest July update for free on their iOS and Android devices.

PUBG Mobile’s latest update is designed to take the game’s action a notch higher with the new ‘War’ Mode. Players can enter a new battle in War Mode, where teams battle against one another on a small patch of land. Tencent Games asserts that the new mode is focusses on teamwork and grit allowing players to respawn over and over until one team reaches 100 points.

Players earn one point for killing an injured opponent, one point for saving a teammate, and 3 points for killing an enemy. Players can form either a squad of two or as a squad of four. Though unlike the existing modes, players can’t choose a weapon of their choice as they’ll be handed a random weapon as they parachute down.

Apart from the new war mode, PUBG Mobile’s latest update also allows players to form teams and dominate the clan system in a new way. Players are allowed to create and customize unique clan icons and unlock exclusive records by progressing through ranks and completing challenges.

In addition, the latest July update also arrives with a new region categorisation system, which shows nationality as well as clan and friend information on title screens. Players can also register in War Zones divided by geographical region and participate in challenges to earn in-game items and unlock achievements.

Elsewhere, the PUBG Mobile’s latest update brings new customisable skins for armour, weapons, planes, and even vehicles. Not to mention, the popular SLR sniper rifle from the PC version of the game is now available on PUBG Mobile, along with new accessories.