Sony PS4 updated with v4.55

A new PS 4 software update has been rolled out to the console today. This new update brings minor changes. The patch note released by the company is very vague and the players wouldn’t know about the changes brought along by this update unless they install and use it themselves.

The update 4.55 went live on the 12th of April. It is available for download through console’s menu or via web download. The size of the update is 324.1MB.

PS4-4.55 update

The previous update brought along major changes such as external HDD support and performance boost on some titles that were unpatched. This one however, seems to be very minor. The only thing that Sony cared to add with this updateis that it improves the system performance.

Social sites such as Reddit is filled with reviews of the update from users. Some have reported that it fixes the bug in the WiFi connectivity.

Meanwhile some other users have reported that the update has made their system very slow. Some have even reported that the updates nears its end and then the system just reboots.

Several accounts of users suggest that the updates since 4.50 have decreased the performance of PS4.

The patch also allows playing 4K videos. However, Blu-ray 4K videos are still out of the question.