The Sony PS4 Slim is soon going to be released but, since the Game Developer Conference in 2016 the PS4 Neo has been heavily rumored. Now, it is official that the Neo is going to be released on September 7. The differences between the PS4 and PS4 Slim are slim, but the PS4 Neo appears to be a beefed-up version. It is going to be unveiled on September 7.

While this is exciting news for gamers, one has to bear in mind that the Xbox One S has also been a huge success with videos upscaled to 4K.

PS4 Neo vs Xbox One S

If there is one thing we know about the PS4 Neo, it is that it will surely be capable of 4K gaming experience. This essentially means that games will be rendered in 2160p. 60fps is also pretty likely. Xbox One S on the other hand only upscales the videos for better effects. The Horizon Dynamic Range though, is a biggie. The contrast levels and viewing depth can be adjusted.
The 4K U-HD is an attractive point and the new gaming discs can be used. Better experience, again.

The PS4 is also said to pack this feature.

The other talking point about the One S is the performance, while it does do a little better than its predecessor, generally, it lets down because an upgrade should be significant, and not just some tweaks. It is smaller and thinner, sure. But, gamers need more.
The PS4 is also a bummer when it comes to performance. Several users have reported about heating issues during long usage. Gamers like to sit for hours over weekends and enjoy their marathons, and in that case, it is a total let down. Hopefully, the Neo will not have the same issue. It will require a lot of cooling inside. Especially the kind of powerful machine the company promises.

Reportedly the PS4 Neo will have backward compatibility. This means that the PS4 games will be supported in it. Major advantage. Xbox S has it too. It saves the users the extra cost of buying new games, which usually cost a bomb!
Although usually, the price is never an issue with gamers, the Neo is expected to be on the slightly higher side especially given the added specs. Although it is difficult to pick a clear winner before the launch, it never hurts to pick a favorite. I say Neo.