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PS Audio Sprout100 Integrated Amplifier/DAC: Here is what you need to know

The PS Audio Sprout100 is designed to make you completely satisfied and it is one of the latest high-end amp/DAC combos which made a huge impression on us. If you are familiar with the previous model keep reading to find out what has improved. We are sure you will like some of the upgrades.

In the latest Sprout100, one of the key points is the vinyl just like in the previous model. The phono stage is redesigned and those who love listening to music via their Bluetooth headphones will specifically adore the aptX Bluetooth codec support which guarantees a CD-like quality. The power output is greater than in the previous model, plus there is a remote control, an output for a subwoofer, RCA, and at the end, this model is significantly cheaper than the previous one. 

The design remained the same. An aluminum cigar box-sized device with a woodgrain panel on the top looks very elegant and it really didn’t need any improvements.

The front panel has two large aluminum knobs, one for the volume and the other for input selection. A 6.35mm headphone output (don’t worry here because there is an adapter included for 3.5mm headphone jack) and a LED indicator light.

The back panel is full of input and output connectors. There are phono and line-level RCA stereo, asynchronous USB, and optical digital input. The outputs include line-level analog connections for the preamp, speakers, and subwoofer. And finally, a typical IEC jack for electrical power.

The aluminum remote and an in-depth printed owner’s manual are a great addition to the package. If you are interested in more details about the PS Audio Sprout100 and how it compares to other DAC/AMP Combos you should visit the AudioReputation website.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, we can say that you will be more than satisfied. Your room will be filled with a crisp and clear sound. You may easily get the impression that you are actually listening to your favorite songs on a much more expensive system. The Bluetooth works perfectly well. Once you pair it up it will remember your favorite setup and all you have to do next tie is to turn the big aluminum knob to Bluetooth and you may start the streaming.

Bass Boost

The PS Audio Sprout100 kept the bass boost from the previous model, but you can control it by pushing the volume knob. When you are listening to the low volume you can turn it on and you will notice a fuller sound. When you get back to normal listening you can turn it off. This feature is not so popular for most people, but there are also those who would appreciate it. The boost mode will also make a poorly recorded audio sound better.

Phono Stage

In case you have a MM cartridge 5 mV you will find the built-in phono stage fantastic. If it gives better organic and analog sound but you will be able to enjoy this feature only f your MM cartridge has the proper output.

We can say that we were impressed by the PS Audio Sprout100 and we basically like everything it has to offer. Is there anything we didn’t like? Well, no. When compared to its predecessor it offers more power, better connectivity, and improved DAC, and a much affordable price. SO, if you are looking to buy a compact integrated amplifier/DAC, which can easily handle vinyl playback then the PS Audio Sprout 100 is a perfect choice. Everything said this is one of the rare devices we can truly recommend to anyone.

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