We simply adore our mobile phones. Yes, they have become our topmost priorities today, and even a fear of losing is apt to drive us mad. Sadly, there remains a high probability for this fear to come true especially when we are out. A little forgetfulness or carelessness on our part or shrewdness of any street thief can leave us mourning over our lost darlings.

And then, how much ever our hearts might desire to get it back, we are seldom that lucky to fulfill those desires.

Well, let’s help us out and prepare ourselves for such uncalled situations. Here are few things we ought to do to save ourselves from that horrible experience of losing our phones.

1. Turn the phone to silent mode, BUT, for some definite period

It’s required to keep our phones silent when we are at our workplaces or attending some conferences or meetings, or so on.

It’s good we have the etiquette not to disturb people around us but keeping the devices in silent mode always can make us lose it and cry later, “Oh Gosh! I left it silent; it cannot ring now”.

Remember; always set a definite time period for keeping the phones on silent mode.

2. Set a lock on your phone that cannot be easily cracked

Keeping the phones locked with some untraceable codes is a great idea to keep those mischievous minds at bay.

But, you should always put your names as well as a contact number on the locked screen so that some “angel” who wants to provide you back your lost phone may be at ease to do so.

3. Try putting alarms on phone

Some of us are busy in our daily lives’ activities that forgetting a small device anywhere might not seem to be an impossible thing. If we make it a habit of creating timely alarms on our phones, we may protect ourselves from losing them.

4. Better make a habit of laying the phones in docking stands

phones in docking stands

Many of us have developed a strange habit of ransacking the places to find out our phones that are already in our pockets. That’s clumsy of us.

Instead, we should learn to place our phones on docking stands when we are home, are driving or working at our offices. This will automatically brush away our fears of losing our phones.

5. Going to booze tonight? Trust a teetotaler friend to take care of your darling

It’s not possible every time to abstain from drinks when we are partying with our friends or colleagues, just because we may lose our belongings. During such times, it’s advisable to trust those friends who prefer not to drink to care for our phones on our behalf.

6. Select a great insurance solution for your mobile phones

Today myriads of insurance solutions are available that promise to secure our phones against any theft or damage. What we need to do is just lay our hands on any one of them and stay cool afterward.

7. Know your phone’s IMEI number

Every phone has a unique identity, an IMEI number. You need to record it somewhere so that you can produce it when asked for, during an emergency, after you have lost your phone. You can dial *#06# also to get that code to your screens.

8. Avoid inviting thieves by decorating your back pockets with your beautiful phones

Planning to buy a good phone can be a commendable decision but allowing someone to run away with your old one is not at all a showcasing of wisdom. Unless there is an emergency asking you to keep the phone in back pockets, don’t just go for it.

9. Unattended phones during charging may invite thievery, keep a power bank handy

A far away charging point may become a reason for your phone’s loss. So, it is suggested to buy a sturdy power bank for your phone, which are available in plenty in markets today, to get it charged before your eyes always.

10. Learn to use mobile tracker apps and keep the service “On” always

There are various mobile tracing apps available for Androids, iPhones, and Windows phones today and we ought to keep one of them active in our respective devices to get their locations traced at critical times.

11. Change all the passwords instantly after losing your phones

If you use mobile banking or shop via your phone, it’s highly important to change all the passcodes immediately you find your devices lost.

Hope, these handy tips will make you more comfortable with your beloved phones. Have a happy phone friendship!