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Pros and Cons of HTML5 Apps

Many apps and websites today are created in HTML5. This language has emerged as a clear winner since the spectacular demise of Adobe Flash. Now, many websites and browsers have dropped support for Flash altogether. In the hype of the tech world, it’s easy to miss some of the areas where improvement is needed. In this article, we aim to provide an analysis of the apps created in HTML5. We will look at the features of those apps that are spectacular and also some which are not so great.

What is HTML5?

HTML means hypertext mark-up language. It is a coding language that works behind the scenes to display internet content. The first version of HTML came online almost three decades ago. It has come a long way since then, going through five revisions, hence the name HTML5. Today you use HTML5 to build websites and apps. It defines all the contents, the text, the images, and links. So what are the advantages of using HTML5 apps?

No Downloads

HTML5 apps run in the browser natively. You do not need to download extra files. This is a very important feature of these apps. It means you do not have to worry about space issues when you are dealing with HTML5. You can reserve your device memory for other things.


It is a key requirement for an app to be compatible with a large number of devices. There are many device makers out there, so it is preferred if the same app can be used on all of them. HTML5 apps do just that and can be seen in various industries including online sportsbooks. This means you can get the same online cricket betting experience whether you are using Android or iOS, smartphone, or tablet.


Using web-based apps is straight forward. The apps are intelligent enough to detect the size of your screen. When you access HTML5 on a small screen, you use the same URL as the main site. But the app reconfigures the content to suit the current settings. You need not do anything on your part.

Power Saving

When using your smartphone or laptop it is always a good thing when you can get greater power savings. Using HTML5 apps greatly improves your device’s battery life. The technology uses less power to run. This means you can do more on a single battery charge. Which is always a good thing.


HTML5 coded websites are lightweight. This is good because it means the CPU will take far less time in rendering the web pages. The pages will load quicker and you need not waste any time. If you have ever used websites where the pages took ages to load, you realise that quick loading times are great for the overall user experience.

There are many advantages to using HTML5 apps that you can enjoy, but you also need to consider the downside. We look at these here.


We have already said HTML5 does not require any native downloads. This is a definite pro, but can also be a disadvantage. For online web-based gaming apps, it means that every time you want to play; the app downloads the specific game files. This would not be a problem if you had un-interrupted internet connectivity. But in some cases, it can cause an unpleasant experience.


To use apps that have been created in HTML5, you need a browser that can render the content and display it on the user interface. HTML5 is not compatible with older browsers. You will have to update your browser to a newer version if you are going to access content created in the latest versions of this mark-up language.

Internet Connectivity

Web-based HTML5 apps run inside the browser. You connect to the internet and run the app to access the content. Therein lies the challenge. You cannot use browser apps where internet connectivity is intermittent or non-existent. This limits the range of areas where you use these apps.

HTML has been around for a long time. There used to be a time when video integration was impossible. Developers had to use plugins to get more out of this language. But like all things in the computer software industry, changes happen and the current version is proving to be fit to the task.

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