At the E3 2016 Microsoft revealed that Project Scorpio is going to be the next Xbox. Since then, a lot has been revealed about the console. However, there is still a great deal of mystery around it. As the launch date (May 2) nears, we try to get to know more about it.

Microsoft claims that this will be the most powerful gaming console ever made. It is supposed to have six teraflops of computing power along with 320GB memory. The current one ha 1.3 teraflops with 200GB memory. So the new one will be 4.5 times more powerful. A 4K UHD resolution seems to be a given.

The Scorpio is also going to power a high-fidelity VR gaming. This will make it worthy enough to compete with the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

It is also known that Project Scorpio will be both backward and forward compatible with the Xbox One. Microsoft also revealed that this one will not have any exclusive games. This leaves one less reason for existing users to buy the new console.  The powerful hardware may be a huge motivating factor but as far as new games is concerned, there’s nothing here.

It is rumoured that the Scorpio will be updated with Windows 10 compact overlay mode making it best fit for Universal Windows Platform.

The latest update for the PS4 brought along 4K video capabilities, but 4K Blu-ray is still out of the question for the Sony console. Microsoft is a step ahead here. The Scorpio will feature an UHD Blu-ray player.

In the recent times Microsoft has massively stepped up with its hardware. Therefore it is right to expect the same with Xbox One S. As we said, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it. Questions like ‘what will be the audio upgrade?’ and ‘what will Microsoft do to compensate for the lack of exclusive games?’ still remain unanswered.