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Pro Evolution Soccer Takes a Step towards the Future

After having created the strongest competitor to EA Sports’ FIFA, Konami changes the rules of the game by making a decision that causes a shift of power in the world of e-sports. The Tokyo-based game developer decided to rebrand one of its most popular products. As of this year, Pro Evolution Soccer will be known as eFootball. The new name comes with new features, new continuity plans, and with a big surprise to the fans of video game football; it is free to play. Konami’s decision caught the gaming and the investment world by surprise. The players are ecstatic, and the investors are seeing this period as a great time to put their money on Konami shares. Ever since the press release, Konami’s stock has been on an upward momentum.

Many are wondering why Konami would consider offering its golden goose for free when its main competitor wants around 90 pounds for a copy of FIFA 2022. Whatever the reason, players do not seem to care, as Konami’s decision has freed around 70 pounds which can be used for anything from buying Far Cry 6, NBA 2K22, or Rainbow Six to playing some Lotto Madness slots online. Konami will, without a doubt, have some premium features for which gamers will have to pay, but when you get the base game for free, you cannot expect to not have in-game purchases.

Going Live in September

Konami is planning to release the game at the beginning of September, which means that it will be right after the transfer market has closed. It will take several releases for eFootball to get to its final form, but players will get a first taste of teams like Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, and Manchester United before the beginning of the new season of the Champions League. Konami is not planning to release physical copies of eFootball, and the game will only be available via the gaming device’s e-store. eFootball will allow for cross-generation and cross-platform matches.

Released on a Wide Variety of Gaming Systems

eFootball is on its way to becoming the most device-friendly gaming software in history. Apart from eFootball’s initial release to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One, the game will also get Android and iOS versions, but at a slightly later date. Unlike other games running on multiple operating systems, eFootball will be more or less the same. This means that Konami has developed a responsive e-sports game that does not have a separate and lighter version for mobile devices.

One Game – Multiple Annual Updates and Releases

From now on, eFootball will be Konami’s main football gaming product. There will not be multiple versions of the game-changing year next to the name as the years go by. According to the information that has been released to the media, eFootball will get annual releases and updates that will be free of charge.

Will Other Developers Follow Konami’s Example?

Konami was not the first to offer the free-to-play option for one of its titles, but it is the first developer to offer such a successful product for free. Numerous studios offer “vanilla” versions of their games for free, but every addition comes at a cost. Seeing Konami take this approach, players are wondering if other developers will dare to do the same. Gaming is a billion-pound industry and there are a lot of people who believe that developers should try and make more titles free to play.

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