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Prima Projector: An Entertainment System in Your Pocket

When we first got our hands on the new Prima Projector, the first question we asked ourselves was, “Is this really a portable projector?”

Sure, it’s an excellent projector with a DLP projection engine built by Texas Instruments. And, it’s as portable as a smartphone (it looks just like one).

But calling it a portable projector just doesn’t seem right. Prima has the capabilities of a modern entertainment system, a phone, and a computer built into a pocket-friendly size. Simply calling it a “portable projector” doesn’t acknowledge most of what it can do.

For example, Prima has its own quad-core CPU, hard drive, Android operating system. It operates much more like a computer than any projector we’ve seen before. And, it projects in full 1080p HD up to 200 inches (and supports 3D and 4K video). In that way, it’s more like a portable smart TV, or even cinema, than a standard projector.

Prima projector breaks down barriers that have kept portable projectors from being truly portable. Is this the gadget that will finally liberate us from tiny screens and make portable projection the norm?

Find out below.

Better Projection, Smaller Package

Prima is the first portable projector that has managed to fit a pro-level DLP projection engine in a package the size of an iPhone. Thanks to new tech from Texas Instruments, Prima is able to project up to 200 inches in 1080p full HD with no loss in image quality. It also supports 3D and 4K video for truly epic cinematic experiences.

Can you imagine watching 3D movies projected up to 18 feet? Or gaming in 4K on an entire wall of your home?

Because Prima is so compact, you can project anywhere. It slides into your pocket or bag as easily as a smartphone. You can whip it out and project your movies, shows, games, social media, or Facetime on the wall, the floor, or the back of a bus seat. Thanks to its touch controls, projecting is as easy as turning on a phone’s flashlight.

With Prima, there’s no need to stare at a tiny phone screen all day. You can access all of your content directly from Prima and enjoy large, HD projection for work, streaming, gaming, and more. Or, you can cast from any device for a better viewing experience.

Basically, Prima turns projection into an everyday possibility. It’s not just for movie nights anymore. If you can project a 1-minute YouTube video as easily as a full-length movie, why wouldn’t you escape the small screen and choose Prima?

Stress-Free Portability


One of the issues with other portable projectors is that they aren’t really portable.

Sure, they might weigh less than the old clunky projectors you remember from middle school, but they are not convenient to carry with you. Most of them are larger than a brick and require a carrying case twice that size—not exactly something you’re going to keep on you. Others are smaller but so fragile that you’d never keep them in your pocket.

Prima has resolved these issues with its compact and durable build. It’s the first projector you can slide in your pocket, bag, or backpack whenever you leave home without worrying about damage.

Prima was designed to look and feel just like a smartphone. It’s the same size and weight as iPhone 8. So, taking it with you feels natural. It also comes with safety features like a sliding lens door and a carrying pouch to protect its more sensitive components.

When you can take your projector anywhere, it enhances all of your media. Imagine sitting at the bar with friends and sharing memes on the wall instead of passing a tiny phone. Or, gaming on your break with Nintendo Switch and projecting it on the side of the office building.

Reliable Computing Power

Prima is not a media player. It’s a computer in its own right. It has its own quad-core CPU, hard drive, and Android operating system.

That means you can access all of your media directly from Prima. There’s no need for wires or external devices to access your content. All you need is Prima to watch Netflix or YouTube, game on Steam, work on Powerpoint, surf the web, make calls, etc. You can upload all of your content to Prima’s hard drive, or you can download your favorite apps to the projector. You can access all of Google Play’s 3M+ apps on Prima.

Prima works fast to perform functions, switch between apps, and stream content. Lag and delays are avoided entirely by Prima’s processing power and 5G WiFi compatibility.

Next-level Casting and Mirroring

When you’re sharing with friends or collaborating at work, you can’t be bothered to download and upload. Instead, you can mirror or cast to Prima from any device.

Prima has WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay connectivity, so you can connect with wireless simplicity and instantly access all the content from your device on Prima. It was even built with software to facilitate mirroring with Apple and Android devices, so you won’t have to worry about screen distortion or discoloration.

Mirroring and casting are instant. Just locate the device you want to connect to, and with a touch, you’re ready to play your favorite PC games, share files at work, or stream live sports from your phone.

Universal Compatibility

Prima can cast and mirror instantly, but it can also connect to any other device without the need to toggle menus or buy adapters.

Prima can connect with almost any modern device wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. But it also has a host of ports you can use to connect other devices like gaming consoles, cameras, TVs, and more. Its ports include:

  • HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • DC
  • Headphone jack
  • Micro SD
  • TF

No matter where you go, you’ll be able to connect Prima to whatever device you encounter. Instead of pairing with your phone, why not pair with Prima and scroll Facebook or watch Netflix on the big screen?

prima details

50% More Battery Power

Want to watch Avengers: Endgame on your portable projector? You probably can’t. Most portable projectors are barely able to crack the 2-hour playback mark.

Prima’s battery is able to go further, providing 3 hours of playback consistently.

Compared to a phone or computer battery, it might not seem like much. But Prima’s battery is the best of the bunch considering its size. And, you can always plug it in for unlimited use.

Built-in Speakers

Most projectors have built-in speakers. And most of them are terrible. Small projectors can’t have loud audio without risking damage to the projection lens.

Thankfully, Prima has resolved this issue by isolating the speakers from the lens chamber and adding anti-shock protection. Prima’s audio is much louder than other portable projectors, and the Hi-Fi speakers provide clear stereo sound. You can easily hear your media in a crowded living room or meeting room. Now, you won’t need to connect to external speakers or search for another audio source just to enjoy your apps and games.

You can also use Prima as a Bluetooth speaker. This function allows you to maximize battery power (up to 30 hours of life as a speaker), and it adds to Prima’s versatility.

Touch Controls

Prima’s controls were built for modern smartphone and smart TV users—no more Windows 98-style menus and blue screens!

The best aspect of Prima’s controls is the touch screen surface. Just like your phone, you can control Prima with touches and swipes. Want to share a funny GIF? Just point and swipe to project on the nearest surface. It’s that easy.

Prima’s software navigates just like a TV or phone running Android. All of your apps are displayed on the home dashboard, and you can organize your downloaded content in easy-to-click files. It doesn’t take more than a moment to select an app or continue reading a file where you left off.

This smartphone-style user experience has almost zero learning curve. Projecting is easy because the controls feel familiar. This also makes Prima a good gift for older users who don’t want to learn new controls but would benefit from larger text and images.

Get Prima Early and Save 50%

Prima is the next generation of portable projectors. It’s so different from other gadgets in its category that it can be hard to define. While it offers similar projection capabilities to some other projectors, its user experience is how it changes the game.

Prima is the first HD projector that lives in your pocket and enhances all of your media. Instead of being confined to small screens, you’ll be able to work, watch, and play in 1080p HD at up to 200 inches—anywhere.

Prima won’t come cheap, but early buyers have the opportunity to get Prima for 50% off. This early-bird promo includes free global shipping and an accessory package valued at over $100. This offer is only available for the initial manufacturing round of Prima projectors. There were a few hundred left as of the writing of this article.

Learn more about Prima and get your projector now at primaprojector.com.

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