New Delhi-based electronics manufacturer Portronics has launched a rather nifty multi-purpose device tracker called Tring. It primarily offers a two-way anti-loss cum key finder function to help you find your misplaced smartphones or for that matter important belongings such as wallets, home or car keys. Besides, it even comes to rescue in case young toddlers, or your pet wanders away in a park or a crowded marketplace. At the time of writing, the device is available on Indian e-commerce websites for Rs. 799. For someone like me who usually misplaces car keys and my mobile phone, I found it very handy. I’ve been using the Tring for around a week now, and here are my thoughts about it after some testing.

Box Contents:

Portronics Tring

  • Tring tracker
  • An O-ring
  • Removable clip
  • Extra CR2032 coin battery
  • User Manual


Portronics Tring is rather easy to setup and use. You just need to pair it with your iOS or Android device using the ‘Tring Track’ app available via their respective stores. The device uses Bluetooth connectivity pair with your smartphone.

Features and Functionality

Once Tring is hooked-up with your Android or iOS device, just attach it to your wallet or your keys. Now if you happen to misplace any of these items (which we usually do), just hit the button found in the ‘Tring Track’ app on your smartphone and start walking around the area where you might have misplaced your belongings. If these things come within 50-feet of your smartphone, it triggers a beep sound on the device to help you track them. And the beep sound is loud enough, not overbearing but loud enough to help you quickly locate the lost item.


While if you’re having trouble finding your phone, just press the circular button on the Tring Tracker and your smartphone starts ringing even its in silent mode.  Notably, the app also stores the “last location’ of your smartphone on a map after being disconnected from the tracker.

Also, if your smartphone and Tring get separated by more than 50-feet, both of them start beeping until they’re within the defined the range. Thankfully, you do get the option to stop these alerts by allocating ‘safe zones,’ which could be your home or an office setting to prevent unnecessary beeps and alarms.

And that’s not it. The Tring also functions as 10-metre long virtual selfie stick. All you have to do is just press the button on Tring  Tracker, and your paired smartphone starts taking pictures. Moreover, the Tring gets dust- and water-proof (IP67) which means you can easily take it outdoors, in heat or rain, without having to worry. The Tring is powered  by an inbuilt CR2016 battery which is easily replaceable and lasts over a year.


  • Quick and Easy to setup
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Dust and Water resistant
  • Helps you quickly find lost items


  • Range lacks consistency at times
  • Minor bugs in the software
  • Reconnecting is a tedious process

Wrap Up

For one who misplaces his key chain at least once a week and spends at a minimum 15 minutes finding it the key chain while getting ready for office. This key finder helps me find my misplaced key chain easily with just a tap on the app. I no longer have to worry about losing my key chain and waste time in finding it. The only downfall is that sometimes even when the object is 10 feet away — it says “out of range.” Though if I stand there long enough it usually connects. Regardless, it’s frustrating to wait as it takes some time to catch up.

All in all, it’s surpassed my expectations as I’ve been able to my misplaced smartphone every time. And the Rs. 799 price tag is a rather small price to pay for forgetting your precious belongings or your smartphone.