Portronics Dome Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Uniquely Stylish!

Portronics released Dome speaker recently which is a Bluetooth portable speaker but with a nice twist. This speaker is round, slim and comes with a passive radiator on the back for bass in music. There is two type of connectivity provided; Bluetooth 4.0 and AUX port, you can use it wired or wirelessly. It also comes with a mic so you can take calls as well while listening to music, check out more about these speakers below.

Unboxing and Design

I was expecting around box but it’s a square box made of recycled cardboard, it also printed with lots of information about the Dome speakers. Inside is the main unit kept in a round cavity and below the speaker is a USB cable provided to charge the speakers and an aux cable to connect your phone to it. Also, there is a quick setup guide and more information about the Portronics dome speakers.

Portronics Dome Bluetooth Speaker 2

The Portronics Doe speaker has a really smart design, it’s beautifully shaped like a dome, and an adjustable ring is attached to the back. The ring acts as a stand and can go up to 180 degrees so you can hang it on a hook anywhere in your room. The ring is rubberized, so it stays steady on the hook or while using it as a stand, it folds up to the back of the speaker to close it.

The speaker is covered with a nicely embroidered cotton cloth with large volume adjust buttons on it. This cotton fabric looks absolutely amazing to match it on your living room’s beauty, but it could be better without the large volume buttons on the front. On the back is made of plastic with rubber finish on it. Mic, LED indicator and power button are on the back. Also there is the charging port and AUX inn port hidden behind a rubber cap. There is a big passive radiator placed on the back in the center which moves to create bass in music.

Portronics Dome Bluetooth Speaker 3


  • Dimension: 15 X 15 X 4.8 cm
  • Weight: 260g
  • Power: 5W X 2
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 and AUX
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Playback time: 5-6 hours


Portronics Dome speaker is impressive on the outside as well as inside; it comes with two five watt speakers with a passive radiator on the back. You can also listen to your calls using the speakers because it comes with a microphone and a button is provided on the back. You can use the stand provide on the back of the speaker in either way; to stand the speaker or hang it on a wall.

Portronics Dome Bluetooth Speaker 6

Coming to connectivity, there are two options to connect a smartphone with the Dome speaker; wirelessly using the Bluetooth and via AUX inn (AUX cable is provided inside the box.) The battery is 2000 mAh which is enough to rock a party for five to six hours, charging cable is provided inside the box to charge it.


There are two best things which satisfied me in this Dome speakers; one is the stand and another one is the sound. The music is really loud enough to rock your private house party but not strong enough for a pool or a bonfire party. The sound is crisp, and you can really feel the beats coming out, thanks to the big passive radiator on the back which vibrates to create bass in powerful music. The surround in the music is also great because of the two five watt speakers provided.

Portronics Dome Bluetooth Speaker 5


  • Great design and stand
  • Good battery backup
  • Inbuilt microphone


  • No app provided

Portronics Dome Bluetooth Speaker 1

Bottom Line

If you are a silent listener and always listens to music while working on your desk (like me), then Portronics Dome speaker can make you groove with the music. This speaker is also slim and compact so you can put them in your backpack and carry it on your trips. Dome speaker is available in two colors on Portronics online store for Rs. 2,299 which is a great deal because these speakers worth every single penny spend on it.

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