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Popularity of Online Games Today on Smartphones vs PC

There has been a major shift in the amount of time people spend on their PCs and on their smartphones and tablets. As mobile devices have become more capable and ‘smarter,’ many users are finding that their online needs can more easily be met by using a smartphone that is convenient to carry around.

While there are many instances in which the use of a PC is necessary, and more user-friendly, when it comes to social media and gaming, more and more users are choosing their mobile devices as their preferred choice.

When smartphones first came out, one could argue that the quality of online casino games was superior on PCs. However, in the short time that smartphones have been available, the graphics quality and the playing speed have reached a very high level, and keep getting better. In addition to this, smartphones offer excellent accessibility to online games.

Online Games Offer a Wide Choice to Players

There are a large number of online games available today including social games that have become very popular. Games that are available include online board games, multiplayer games, arcade games, card games, sports games, and online casino games.

Online casino games offer players the chance to play online versions of games that are found in land-based casinos such as slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many others both for free and for real money. There are a number of trusted casinos today that offer both online and mobile gaming, such as MansionCasino.com.

As smartphones are becoming more and more capable, people are needing their PCs less than before. Tablets have somewhat taken over need for laptops, and now that smartphones with larger screens are available, mobile gaming while on the go can be just as exciting and comfortable as when playing online casino games.

Smartphones are Convenient and Easily Available

The convenience of being able to use a smartphone anywhere and any time is a major advantage for players. Smartphone usage has reached high levels, and continues to increase. At this time, however, there is definitely still a place for online games played on a PC. The main reason for this is that while it appears that mobile gaming is increasing in popularity in line with the increased use of smartphones in general, there is still a bigger choice of games available for PC users.

The balance between smartphones and PCs is already changing as the general population has increased smartphone use, and more and more mobile games are released into the marketplace.

There is certainly a trend towards smartphones being the more popular choice, as is noted by Carolina Milanesi, the Chief Researcher at Kantar Worldwide: “Will we always need a desktop? No, not all of us will. Some of us already don’t.”

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