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‘Popcorn Buzz’ App Allows Call Conference with 200 people

If you have ever wished to talk to more than hundreds of people at a time, there is now an app for you. A new android application named Popcorn Buzz developed by mobile messaging service company Line App allows you to communicate with more than hundred people at a time, that too for free.

The application is already available globally, and it supports 18 languages. The company is now trying hard to develop the application which is compatible in iOS.

Up to 200 people can participate in a single conversation using this app, and this feature is expected to create huge threat to the popularity of already established messengers like Skype, Google Hangouts etc.

Skype and Google Hangouts allow free calls, but they used to limit the number of participants.

Using this app, you can chat with your extended family members who lives across countries within a click. You can even conduct a mass message conveying to more than 100 colleagues at a shot using this advanced application.

As of now, this application have 205 million monthly users. Out of this 123 million comes from countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

After downloading the application, you can invite anyone by simply sending out the URL.

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