Polar Vantage V3: The New Contender in the Smartwatch Arena

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The smartwatch industry has seen a surge in competition over the years, with brands vying for the top spot. Polar, a renowned name in the fitness tracking world, has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Polar Vantage V3. This new model is poised to challenge industry giants like Fitbit and Garmin, offering a plethora of features tailored for both athletes and the general populace.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced biosensing technology, Polar Elixir, comparable to Apple Watch Series 9.
  • Fourth-generation optical heart rate monitor and wrist ECG for precise heart readings.
  • SpO2 monitor for blood oxygen level measurements and a nightly skin temperature tool.
  • Over 150 built-in sports profiles for diverse activity tracking.
  • Long battery life: up to 53 hours of training time or eight days of display time.
  • 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen with 462 pixels per inch.
  • Available for pre-order at $599, with shipping starting on October 25.

Advanced Biosensing with Polar Elixir:

One of the standout features of the Polar Vantage V3 is its advanced biosensing technology, dubbed Polar Elixir. This technology rivals other smartwatches, including the Apple Watch Series 9. It boasts a fourth-generation optical heart rate monitor that promises enhanced accuracy. Additionally, the watch comes equipped with a wrist ECG that measures the electrical signals from your heart.

Diverse Health and Fitness Tracking:

Beyond heart rate monitoring, the Vantage V3 offers a range of health-tracking features. The SpO2 monitor provides blood oxygen level measurements using pulse oximetry technology. There’s also a unique nightly skin temperature tool that gauges your body’s temperature during sleep. These metrics give users deeper insights into their sleep patterns and overall well-being.

Training, Recovery, and Sleep Insights:

The Polar Vantage V3 doesn’t stop at health metrics. It provides comprehensive training, recovery, and sleep tracking. With tools like Recovery Pro, Nightly Recharge, and Sleep Plus Stages, the watch monitors your health and well-being over time, offering suggestions for improvement. Moreover, with over 150 built-in sports profiles, it’s a versatile companion for various physical activities.

Navigational Features and Topographic Maps:

For those who love the outdoors, the Vantage V3 offers turn-by-turn guidance from Komoot, ensuring you always find your way, even in unfamiliar territories. Additionally, users can download topographic maps, a boon for hiking, camping, or mountain biking enthusiasts.

Design and Display:

The Vantage V3 showcases a design overhaul, blending sophistication with functionality. Its 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen extends to the edges, offering a wider display area than its predecessor. With an aluminum bezel and robust buttons, it’s built to endure. Notably, the watch now supports standard 22mm wristbands, allowing for easy customization.


The Polar Vantage V3 is a testament to Polar’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. With advanced health and fitness tracking features, navigational tools, and a revamped design, it’s set to make waves in the smartwatch market. As it becomes available for pre-order, it remains to be seen how it will fare against industry stalwarts like Fitbit and Garmin. But one thing is clear: the Vantage V3 is a formidable contender.

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