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Pokemon Go tips and tricks: Beginner’s guide to level up faster


The augmented reality game Pokemon Go has officially made its debut in India. Launched a few months back in the US, the game broke all records and made gamers crazy to find out new pokemons every day. The game is developed to capture as many creatures for users to fill their Pokedex. Pokemon Go doesn’t allow trainers to battle with each other. When you reach Level 5, the Gym automatically activates and enables you to leave creatures behind various locations. In this article, we will give you few tips to play Pokemon Go.

1. Capturing Gyms

To successfully capture creatures, you need to leave them at the vacant Gyms that resemble your city or town. These Gyms enable you to train and leave your own creatures on the specific location. If you battle with Gyms of rival teams, you will not only earn points but also lets you go straight to your Trainer’s level. You can clear out a Gym by keeping several creatures in tune with what has been left at the relevant Gym.

2. Capturing Pokemon

You need to capture creatures using your default supply of Poke Balls. You will gain experience with every capture that automatically fine-tune into your specific character level. You can retain the stronger creatures and also exchange the balance quantity with Professor Willow for Candy.

3. Work with Incense

As a user, you will approach Pokemon but with Incense, you will be able to drive the Pokemon to approach you. You only need to throw Poke Balls directly and capture them. If you are bored at home, this is the best way to level up quickly.

4. Hatching Eggs

You can hatch few eggs when you are actively in the quest to grab control of the Gyms in your neighbourhood. You will be able to gain more experience and climb the ladder to Trainer. Instead of putting them in an Incubator, you just need to walk to get them to hatch.

5. Visiting Poke Stops

If you visit Poke Stops, you will be able to collect items, which you can make use of to spend during gaming. You should note that every time you visit a Poke Stop, you will be able to gain experience, which will ultimately help you to increase the character level quickly.

Do you have any Pokemon GO tips to share? Post them as comments below.

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