Poco X2 set for Feb. 4 launch in India, will sport 120 Hz display

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Come February 4 and Poco fans around the world are in for a treat; for it is on this day that Xiaomi confirmed they would be introducing in India the newest member in the Poco family, the Poco X2. Also, while it is about one and a half years since the first Poco, the Poco F1 was launched in the country, the new Poco X2 isn’t here to play catch-up with the present crop of phones. Rather, the new Poco X2 seems to be all about leading the pack.

At least, everything that the Xiaomi owned brand has revealed so far is pointing to such. For instance, the #SmoothAF in the official tweet announcing the launch of the phone in India is a clear indicator of the phone being capable of a higher refresh rate than its competitors.

For reference, most of the current generation phones top off at just 60 Hz refresh rate. True there are a few gaming phones or even mass market phones that have something better than that. For instance, there is the OnePlus 7 which boasts of a 90 Hz display. Then there also are the likes of the Asus Rog Phone 2 that does even better with its 120 Hz display.

Where exactly the new Poco X2 fits in is however a mystery as of now. Interestingly, the company also launched a website that claims to let you know the refresh rate of the device you have used to visit the site. Be prepared to be gently chided if you are doing so with most of the smartphones currently available, informing you that you have been fooling yourself all this while with display tech almost 2 decades old.

In fact, the site wasn’t too kind with even the OnePlus 7T Pro whose 90 Hz display also fell short to save you from another round of rebuke. At least that lets you know you are in for something higher than that, with a 120 Hz display being the next best thing to look forward to.

However, things are clearer when checked with the latest Rog Phone 2. For you aren’t chided anymore for remaining stuck with a below par display. Instead, the tone now shits to the higher premium that users have to pay for such phones. That sort of fixes a 120 Hz display for the Poco X2, but at an affordable price point.

The rest of the specs are anybody’s guess at the moment though what is almost a surety is that the phone will come powered by the latest flagship processor such as the Snapdragon 865. The company did hint the phone will be all about ‘extreme gaming’ and ‘extreme refresh rate’, besides having a 3.5mm and USB Type-C port. The gaming bit will be a new USP for the phone which so far was positioned to offer a phone with flagship level processing power but an affordable price.

Also, while still on the price bit, the company sure did a nice job maintaining complete secrecy on that aspect. But then again, Poco, or for that matter, Xiaomi are masters at playing the price card to push sales and there is no reason to believe the new Poco X2 won’t follow suit. In that vein, anything around the INR 30k mark for the new Poco X2 will make it a killer of a device though it will also be interesting to see where exactly Poco is cutting corners to save costs.

Watch this space on Feb. 4 as we bring you the complete details.


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