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PMP is one of the most globally recognized certifications that you can manage to do alongside your work and job hunt very quickly


PMP is one of the most globally recognized certifications that you can manage to do alongside your work and job hunt very quickly. This certification ensures high returns and allows you to get a job in leading positions.

According to recent research conducted by PwC, around 75% of top-performing projects are handled by certified PMPs. Data also shows that PMP is the fifth highest-paying certification from almost half a decade. That sounds pretty promising, right?

You might be wondering, what actually is PMP certification? Well, PMP stands for the project management professional. This certification is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States, which is a non-profit organization. Under PMP, important project management aspects such as Initiating a project, Planning the project, executing the project, managing and controlling the project, and closing the project are taught.


This is an essential certification for people who work in project management fields and aspire for higher pay and a better job. There are not many PMP certified professionals in the field right now, which means getting this certification will give you an upper hand over colleagues at your current job and help you get new jobs quickly.

To get a PMP certification, there are few requirements that you need to fulfill. After that, you can proceed with the regular curriculum and exams to finally get certified.

Requirements for PMP certification

You need to have one of these qualifications to be eligible to get PMP certified. These are:

  • Secondary degree (High school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent)

Five years of unique professional project management experience.

35 hours of Project Management Education

  • Four Year degree

Three years of non-overlapping project management experience

35 hours of formal project management education

Now that we know what a PMP certification is and why you need it let us know how to get a PMP certification.

How to get PMP certification?

After you fulfill all the requirements to get PMP certified, these are the steps that you need to follow to get PMP certified:

1. Become a Registered Member of the Project Management Institute.

The PMI membership costs $139, and the exam fee costs $405, but here is a crack. You need to pay $555 if you are not a PMI member to get to give the exam. So, paying for the membership seems to be a lot more reasonable.

2. Go through the PMP certification Formal education course to fulfill the 35 hours formal education requirement, which is applicable in both cases.

3. Submit your application

To apply, you first need to complete the 35 hours of formal education. These 35 hours need to be attentively attended.

This is an online process, once you submit your application, PMI will review it, and if it is approved, you will receive an invite from the PMI to pay and schedule your examination.

4. Schedule your examination

You need not hurry at this step. You get plenty of time to do so. You literally get 365 days to appear for the exam. You can attempt the examination a total of 3 times during the eligibility period

5. àAppear for and Pass the PMP exam

The examination is a bit difficult to appear for. You get a total of 230 minutes for 180 questions. The questions are not going to be very easy too. The questions are distributed into three categories, Process (50%), People (42%), People (8%).

After you successfully pass the examination, you will be awarded the certification, which will undoubtedly benefit you.

PMP certification latest Updates

The PMI has recently announced that there will be a change in the curriculum and examination for the PMP certification. This will happen because every 3-5 years, PMI researches the profession’s changes, what are the new requirements for the Job, what can benefit the professionals, and all that. This leads to the need to update the course.

The Bottom line

While PMP is a highly beneficial certification for professionals, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The examination is complex. You need to put time and effort into getting it done. But all these efforts are very fruitful.