How to play Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android smartphone: Complete Guide

Lots of high graphic games are here for us today like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but none of these can beat Counter-Strike 1.6. The first-person shooter from Valve started a revolution in the multiplayer first-person shooter, and still we use it for multiplayer gaming events.

Omarev is the developer who made it possible to play this legend on our next best friend, Android smartphone. He coded an Android app called CS 16 client to play the same CS 1.6 on our Android smartphones and managed to add the full touch controls on screen for every action you can perform on your PC or console. First, you need to buy CS 1.6 on Steam (only this version is playable on your smartphone), then follow the guide.



CS1.6 client

Steps to play CS 1.6 on Android smartphone:

  1. Download any of the two CS1.6 client apk (link above), use single core apk file if you have single core device and multicore apk if you have the multi-core device.
  2. Download Xash3D apk and move both apk files to your smartphone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown resources.
  4. Install both apk to your phone (do not launch).
  5. Now connect your phone to PC via USB cable and create a folder “xash” inside SD card.
  6. Copy CS16 and Valve folder to the xash folder (created in step 5).
  7. Disconnect your phone from PC.
  8. Leave the settings as it is and run CS Client Launcher app on your phone tap
  9. Launch CS16 Client.

If you own a single core device, it’s recommended to switch to a multicore device as it’s almost impossible to play multiplayer mode on single core devices. Although the client contains fully functional touch controls, you can try gamepad to play it in a more professional way.

Android users, enjoy CS 1.6 on your devices and if you own an iPhone, don’t get disheartened. The developer is working towards making the CS 1.6 available for jailbroken iOS devices too. Windows Phone users now have a reason to join the Android ecosystem.


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