Smartphones these days tend to be very fragile specially the ones sporting a glass back. It is very advisable to slap on a case in order to refrain from any potential fall damage and for a peace of mind. We brought you the Jison Case for iPhone X a while back (Here’s the Review) which was made out of leather for uber feel.

Now we bring to you a case from Pitaka called the Magsafe case. The case is made out of Aramid which is used in the body armours and aerospace industry. The more common name for Aramid is Carbon Fibre. So let’s dive in.

Design and Features

Pitaka Magcase is Apple certified to no worries on this part. The main material used here is Aramid which is a synthetic material made mainly out of fibres woven together and cured with a raisin to make it hard. The thickness of the case is on about 0.65mm which is just crazy and it in turn doesn’t adds bulk or thickness to your iPhone X.

To add rigidity to the case, Pitaka has added a metal plate under the Aramid layer which doesn’t interferes with the wireless charging. Pitaka has carefully designed the case keeping all the proper cut outs in check. There’s also a slight bump around the camera module to safeguard the lens from cracking or scratching up in case of a fall.

The only area exposed other than the Alert Slider is the bottom edge containing the lightning connector and speaker grill. The Pitaka Magcase also comes in a bunch of different color options and fibre finishes like Black and Grey Twill to Red and Grey Plain.

Pitaka Magcase Pricing

  • Pitaka Magcase – INR 3,599


  • Decent Design
  • Right cut outs
  • Good material


  • Priced on Higher side

Verdict – Should you go for it?

Overall we quite liked the case as it provides a snug fit on the smartphone. There’s no issues with the cut outs and there’s even a bump on the back to protect the cameras bump. The look is modern but it doesn’t feel plush.

The pricing seems to be a little on the higher side due to the use of Aramid and is even higher than Apple’s own cases.