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Five Pieces of Software Your Company Needs to Invest In

Businesses of all shapes and sizes aim to be as efficient and profitable as possible. Whether you serve a few clients or millions, operating at peak efficiency guarantees long-term financial solvency and provides new opportunities for businesses to expand.

Thankfully, technology is increasingly revolutionizing the way in which we do business, shop, and store information. Many top solutions for the corporate world come in the form of software, which allows companies to do just about anything via a virtual platform.

Today, we’ll examine five types of software your company should definitely invest in to improve performance and maximize profits.

Help Desk Software

Even in smaller businesses, the opportunity for both confusion and organization arise on a daily basis. Companies that can swiftly sort through customer service queries and internal dilemmas increase their productivity substantially.

Help desk software solutions such as SysAid can streamline any inquiry, process or task, both internally and with the public-at-large. With help desk software solutions such as ticket management, live chat, self-service functions and more available, you can reduce the number of employees and/or the amount of time needed to handle these inquiries.

Email Software

Handling tons of emails – both internally and via marketing campaigns – can be a challenge, but email software solutions exist to make the process easier.

Email productivity suites and email marketing solutions such as MailChimp provide businesses with the opportunity to organize emails, create custom campaigns, encrypt messages and/or synchronize all employees’ devices.

To learn about the best free email management services available to businesses, click here.

Payment Processing Software

Payment processing via the internet is an immensely important software solution. Whether you’re selling products directly to the public via the web or wishing to collect clients’ fees online, implementing a versatile and affordable payment processing service is vital.

A wide variety of solutions are available: from free solutions such as Stripe, Square, and Paypal that charge a nominal amount per transaction, to large-scale custom solutions that serve businesses exclusively.

An increasing number of businesses are integrating one or more payment processing solutions into WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce, which can provide complete e-commerce customization for your online products and services.

Social Media Software

Most businesses have an external presence and public face: a large percentage of them use social media to influence customers, clients, and the public-at-large.

While a social media presence doesn’t require any specific software, the proper management and monitoring of it do. A wide variety of options are available to businesses, including Buffer for social media management and analytics suites like Predictive Analytics by Adobe. These tools can help businesses extract maximum efficiency from their paid and organic social media efforts.

Productivity Software

Every business uses a variety of software solutions to increase overall efficiency and profitability, but there is a separate and specific category of software – productivity software – dedicated solely to this.

Whether your employees are preparing for a major presentation or an all-in-one document management solution is needed, options do exist. One of the most well-known productivity suites is Microsoft Office, but there are many more.

Whether it is for better time management (Toggl) or providing more collaborative experiences on projects (Slack), this category of software is a must-have in the workplace.

These five software solutions are great ideas for any business seeking to expand, improve performance, provide more flexibility to customers, or just save a little money. With free and low-cost business software solutions available for just about everything, there’s no excuse not to act today!

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