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PHP Development: Top-7 IDEs and code editors

Today, it’s unnecessary to write PHP code using special programs and tools. You can refer to text editors, for example, and save it in a .html extension. Though, when deciding to make the process more comfortable and faster, pay attention to IDE. The process of web products and apps development becomes easier since the Integrated Development Environment combines automation tools, compiler, debugger, and interpreter.

From this article, you’ll find out about the best IDE for PHP development companies coding and select an appropriate one for work.

What to pay attention to for PHP developers when looking for an appropriate IDE?

  • Pay close attention to what operating systems are supported by the IDE (this is especially important when working in a team
  • Choose multi-language IDE
  • Check if it has collaborative development capabilities
  • Pay attention to the price – it depends on the number of the available function

It doesn’t mean that you should only rely on these things. Choose an IDE based on your needs. To decide effectively, here is a list of Integrated Development Environments that will be the best choice for PHP coding. Let’s check their characteristics.

Visual Studio

Main functionality:

  • Smart code completion IntelliSense to accelerate the programs’ writing process
  • Collaboration instrument
  • Git integration
  • Integration with Azure for easy deployment


  • Free license
  • Remote debugging

IntelliJ IDEA


  • Smart auto-renewal that suggest code elements based on the current context
  • Inbuilt debagging
  • Source code management inbuilt integration
  • Webpark, Gradle, and Apache Maven integration



  • Code renewal, refactoring
  • Effective navigation
  • Native integration with tools of the command line, system control management, and management of SQL database
  • Live Edit and Visual debugger that allows seeing how the changes will look in the browser immediately

Komodo IDE


  • Code completion
  • Intelligent syntax highlighting
  • Testing tools
  • Visual debugger
  • Page preview
  • io integration for easy documentation search
  • Support of popular SCM tools
  • Profiling of PHP and Python codes

Sublime Text

It’s more likely not an IDE, it’s an instrument designed to edit a code.


  • Goto Anything navigation to the ability to jump to lines, files, and words quickly
  • Making changes in several places at once quickly
  • Git platform integration
  • Fast switching between several projects with committing changes



  • Open-source
  • Real-time file editing
  • Extensions for code completion, Git integration

This code editor is open-source so that is perfectly suited to web developers. It’s completely free of charge so you may, for example, create extensions or even rewrite the program source code.


Key functions:

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Visual debugger
  • Smart editing
  • Git, Maven platforms integration

NetBeans has open-source and this platform is unpaid. That’s why developers can improve it easily.

All these Integrated Development Environments are working on macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Moreover, they support programming languages – Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning again that the choice of IDE depends on several factors. These are the operating system you are using, the used programming language, and what product you want to develop. Besides, it’s worth remembering that code editors aren’t suited for full-fledged complex software development., like, for example, this company creates – https://www.qulix.com/industries/banking-and-financial-software-development/. Here, it’s better to choose an IDE, as they contain many additional tools.

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