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PhotoWorks Review: Editing Made Easy


Do you really enjoy snapping photos, but find editing them to be a struggle? That is often the case for many beginners, and the learning curve to use photo editors can be very discouraging.

If you want to be able to edit and improve your photos but don’t really feel like spending long hours learning how to use photo editing software – PhotoWorks may be a good fit. It is very different from other editors, and it has a unique design and approach that you will probably enjoy.

“What is PhotoWorks?”

To put it simply, PhotoWorks is a photo editor app for PC that is designed to be both powerful and intuitive at the same time. It tries to provide a balance between its features and user experience to provide the best of both worlds.


Compared to the steep learning curve of other editors, PhotoWorks is far more beginner-friendly. Its user interface is simple and clean and is organized in tabs that are easy to navigate. Suffice to say you are far less likely to wander around aimlessly or spend ages looking for the feature that you need.

Each feature itself is intuitive, and purposefully avoids being overly technical or complicated. In most cases, all it will take is a click to apply the feature that you want in PhotoWorks or some other equally straightforward action such as adjusting a slider.

For all its focus on being user-friendly, however, PhotoWorks is still a potent editor at its core – and will equip you with a wide range of features that give even more professional editing software a run for its money.

Key Features of PhotoWorks

To get a better idea of the capabilities that are in store when you use PhotoWorks, there are a few key features that you should know about:

  • Enhance the quality and colors of photos using the automated light and color balance correction, or by manually adjusting the color and tone parameters.
  • Fix common issues such as tilted photos, lens distortions, blurry images, washed out skylines, glare, red-eye, and more.
  • Retouch portraits to perfection by smoothening skin, removing blemishes, enhancing eye colors, whitening teeth, and performing other alterations.
  • Transform the frame and composition by cropping the photo using helpful grids as guidelines, or removing unwanted elements from the composition directly.
  • Stylize photos with unique effects by applying filters that completely transform and give it a unique appearance.
  • Add captions and other text elements that can be fully customized to stand out.

Although some of the features listed above may seem advance, PhotoWorks ensures that each is easy to apply. On your part, all it will take is a minute or two to experiment with any given feature, and you should be able to quickly put it to work and start improving your photos with its help.


At first, it may seem that PhotoWorks is simply too good to be true and that it can’t possibly be a photo editor that is easy-to-use and yet as powerful as it seems to be. However, the best way to see whether or not it is able to live up to that bill is by testing it out firsthand and putting it through its paces for yourself.

If you do try it out you’ll be able to quickly see that PhotoWorks is everything that it claims to be – and more. More importantly, you’ll be able to edit and improve your photos without it having to be a struggle, and may even start to find ways to improve them that you hadn’t even considered in the past.