Philips Hue Launches Innovative Dymera Outdoor Wall Lights: A Blend of Style and Smart Technology

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Philips Hue, a leader in smart lighting solutions, has recently expanded its outdoor lighting range with the introduction of the Dymera wall light. This innovative product offers both upward and downward lighting, adding a dramatic flair to any exterior or interior setting.

Key Highlights:

  • Dual Beam Control: The Dymera wall light features two individually controllable beams for a sophisticated lighting experience.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the lights offer a range of warm-to-cool white and colored light.
  • Smart App Control: Users can adjust brightness, change colors, and set scenes using the Philips Hue app.
  • Price and Availability: The Dymera lights will be available from February 27, 2024, priced at $220.
  • Additional Products: Philips Hue also introduced a pendant cord lamp and other smart lighting and security solutions.

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Expanding the Horizon of Smart Lighting

The Philips Hue Dymera wall light is a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining style with smart technology. With its sleek black design, the Dymera light is versatile enough for various architectural styles, capable of illuminating large surfaces with its dual beam functionality. Users can enjoy a personalized lighting experience, adjusting each light’s brightness and color through the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue’s Wider Smart Home Integration

In addition to the Dymera wall light, Philips Hue has also launched other innovative products. These include the Philips Hue pendant cord, designed for the Filament bulbs, and new connectors for the Philips Hue Perifo track lighting, offering increased flexibility in lighting design.

Moreover, Philips Hue is enhancing its smart home security offerings with the Philips Hue Secure starter kit and Secure floodlight camera. These additions integrate smart lighting with home security, providing live view, night vision, and unique light and sound alarms to deter intruders.

The Future of Philips Hue

Philips Hue continues to innovate in the smart lighting and home security sectors. The company has announced upcoming features for the Philips Hue Secure system, including improvements to security push notifications and event timelines, along with automatic light and sound alarms. Plans are also underway to develop support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, further integrating Philips Hue products into the smart home ecosystem.

Enhanced Dual Beam Functionality

  • Customizable Illumination: Each beam of the Dymera light can be controlled independently, offering endless possibilities in lighting design. Whether it’s creating a warm, welcoming glow or a dynamic, colorful ambiance, the Dymera adapts to every need.
  • Smart Integration: Compatible with the Philips Hue app, these lights bring the convenience of smart technology to outdoor lighting. Users can control the lights remotely, schedule them, and even integrate them with other smart home systems.

Sophisticated and Sustainable Design

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a sleek, black finish, the Dymera lights are a stylish addition to any exterior or interior. Their design is both modern and timeless, ensuring they blend seamlessly with various architectural styles.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: In line with Philips Hue’s commitment to sustainability, the Dymera lights are expected to incorporate environmentally friendly materials, aligning with the trend towards eco-conscious home products.

Philips Hue’s new Dymera wall lights bring an innovative approach to outdoor and indoor lighting. These smart lights offer dual beam control, a sophisticated design, and app-based customization, marking another step forward in Philips Hue’s journey of integrating smart technology with elegant design. With these new products, Philips Hue continues to redefine the possibilities of smart lighting and home security.


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