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Philips with NVIDIA G-Sync introduces 27-inch gaming monitor

Enhancing the gaming experience to new highs, Philips has heeded to the long awaiting demand from gamer community, have unveiled a new Philips 27’’ Gaming Monitor that features NVIDIA G-Sync during ongoing 2014 International CES at Las Vegas.

Experts believe that the Philips gaming display Model (272G5DYEB) has been successful in generating a euphoria among the gamers, which is based on the inexpensive (Twisted Nematic) TN technology. The best part about TN technology display is its pixel response time, which is fast enough, and it doesn’t leave any shadow trail and ghosting artifacts.

Philips G-Sync gaming display monitor is fast and technologically advanced

Philips G-Sync monitor is also credited for its fast action, which is a resultant of 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time. With 16.7 million colors, it can present the picture colorfully. In addition, a contrast ratio of 1000:1 just extends the performance at its best. The company is planning to roll out the display panels for full-fledged sales in spring 2014 at a price of $ 649.

So what makes Philips G-Sync monitor even more special for gamers? Its amazing performance through display refresh rates to the PCs graphic processing unit that eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display shutter and input lag effectively.

TPV Global Product Marketing’s, Chris Brown, says:

This 27-inch Philips monitor is a perfect gaming partner, with G-SYNC technology bringing breakthrough display performance and giving major competitive edge.

Philips G- Sync display monitor comes in a slim black body that can be mounted on the wall or its height can be adjusted accordingly. The 1080p display monitor along with its G-Sync technology extends its performance when it displays the images instantly and sharper objects with minute details, the game play is bound to go smooth and exciting.