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Petpooja’s Waiter Calling Device: The tech that solves customer management problems for restaurants

Petpooja is India’s no.1 restaurant billing software provider with an aim to simplify restaurant management & provide holistic business solutions. The company is driven toward creating innovative tech solutions that are easy to operate & cost-effective for Indian SMBs restaurants. One of their amazing products is their Waiter Calling Device.

The device helps in simplifying the most common & most essential requests made by restaurant customers i.e. asking for a waiter, water & bill. This wireless device has three buttons each dedicated to asking for bills, requesting water or summoning the waiter. Along with that, this small & stylish device has 3 different LED lights for each function to make customers’ requests clear & visible to the staff even from afar. Price at ₹750 only, this device is a must-have investment for any restaurant, cafe, bar, or bakery shop!

The device’s purpose is to manage customer service for restaurants & their staff. During rush hours, catering & serving to all the customers becomes a tough task for the restaurant staff. And on the other hand, customers too struggle to get waiters’ attention & waste time impatiently waiting for service. By placing one WCD device on each table, the customers can quickly convey their requests to the staff which can be attended to faster & more efficiently. Along with helping customers, WCD also empowers them to curate their own restaurant service. They can decide if & when they need assistance rather than restaurant staff unintentionally disturbing their dining experience.

The device has helped reduce restaurant commotion & solve customers’ requests faster. With the help of the WCD, there has been drastic improvement in overall staff performance & customer service as it has helped streamline the time-consuming and arduous process of wait-keeping at restaurants.

The most amazing part of this device is that, once the customer places the request, a notification alert is generated on Petpooja’s POS as well as the waiter’s app (Captain App). This notification informs the waiters about the needs of the particular table, enabling them to complete multiple tasks efficiently rather than making numerous trips to the customers’ tables just to know their requests. To help restaurants provide quality customer service, Petpooja has also introduced a TV-based app that can display which table requires service on a TV screen, allowing any waiter who is available to serve that table.

The idea behind developing this smart technology was to help the restaurants’ waiters, servers & captains. The average waiter walks 5-7 km within the restaurant every day, going back and forth to the kitchen and to the customers’ tables multiple times. This is a tedious, time-consuming & often irrelevant process. Because the ideal customer service is to provide it when needed rather than allocating unnecessary resources & troubling customers.

I have never seen a technology so amazing and so cheap.’ Pradeep Keskar, The Yellow Chilli, Mumbai

WCD has garnered many positive responses, both from the restaurateurs and their customers. It makes customer service quicker and is proving to be a game-changer for restaurant management. Currently, Petpooja has sold more than 6,000 of these devices across India. Brands like Chowman (Delhi), Skydeck by Sherlock (Banglore), Pista House (Hyderabad), Al-baik (Mumbai), Hocco Eatey (Ahmedabad), and more than 400 small restaurants & large chains have been using this Waiter Calling Device.

For the future plans of the device, Shaival Desai, the Chief Growth Officer of Petpooja said, ‘The WCD device has been a success beyond our imagination & we are happy that it has become an essential asset for so many restaurants. For this quarter we would like to deploy more than 8,000 devices. We are ramping up the manufacturing and deployment of the devices to enable more restaurants to upgrade their operations. ”