68 percent smartphone owners in the US stream music daily: Study

A study by Parks Associates in its study revealed that 68 percent of smartphone owners in the country listen to music via streaming music on their handsets daily. On average, a person streams music on their smartphone for 45 minutes per day. It turns out streaming music is the most popular entertainment activity among U.S. smartphone owners.

There is no more doubt that music consumption has gone mobile. The trend fueled by services such as Spotify and Pandora has caught on. It is no wonder digital music streaming industry continues to draw the interest of many providers while those already in it are trying to improve their services.

The Parks survey has found that Amazon Prime Music leads as the most popular paid subscription music, which is more popular among broadband households. Perhaps that is because it is bundled with Amazon Prime membership program, which also includes a package delivery service.

Pandora One is also another popular music streaming service and together with Amazon Music Prime, they make the top two most streamed music services in the U.S. Other music services that Americans stream are Apple Music and Google’s Play and YouTube.

It turns out iPhone is the device on which most of music streaming happens. When it comes to carriers, T-Mobile and Sprint networks carry the largest number of music streamers at more than 75% of their respective subscribers. Verizon also has a large number of its subscribers at 66% streaming music.

Other than music, mobile video streaming is also on the rise. The same study by Parks found that 71% of U.S. smartphone owners use their handsets to watch short video clips.

However, compared with music, video streaming takes less of their time on an average of only 24 minutes per day. Music on the other hands takes an average of 45 minutes per day.

Mobile games are also taking a large part of smartphone owners’ time. On average, smartphone owners dedicate 28 minutes per day to play games on their handsets.

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