Pebble has released an innovative PCC3M Smart car charger. PCC3M Smart car charger comes with the USB ports to make sure every gadget of yours is charged up.It delivers at an output of 4.2A which gives fast charging capabilities.

It also comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth ear pod which uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It attempts to give the best quality possible for hands-free calling. Also, ear podĀ comes with a charging dock to keep theĀ earbud juiced up. The pod is intact inside the charger with strong magnets so I won’t get lost easily.also it comes with features like auto charging, auto power off.

PCC3M smart charger comes with a Smart ID it delivers the right amount of power to your gadgets.

“PCC3M car charger is responsible for lightning quick, efficient and safe charging. It is a reliable solution that also offers the benefit of hands-free talking, which is practically a must on the streets of our cities. Yes we have created a product that will meet the demands of today’s users,” said Komal Agarwal, Director Marketing, Pebble.

PCC3M expected to give 4 hours of talk time and 96 hours of standby time. The charger is priced at Rs. 1,700 and it’s available on both Amazon and pebblecart.