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Party don’t stop with TikTok: The most addictive video sharing app

There is a new app that has taken the internet by storm. Famous for challenges, TikTok is threatening Fakebook and Instagram’s market share. For a record two years, 2018-2019, TikTok has outstripped both Facebook and Instagram as the most downloaded app. ByteDance, the parent company, runs the app as Duyin in china and TikTok for the rest of the world.

Movement-based videos or themed video challenges are popular with the app. Examples include dancing, parkour, lip-syncing, gymnastics, and even comedy skits. The app is so popular and currently boasts of over 800 million users according to research from Betway. Thanks to marketing and lots of money on influencers.

It’s all fun with TikTok and rarely a dull moment.


But why is this app so addictive? Well, read on to find out why the party doesn’t stop for TikTok fans.

Short Videos

Internet user’s attention span is short. It takes mere seconds to lose interest in online content. The contents on TikTok are as short as 30 seconds long. That means users can watch as many videos in minutes – even 15 videos in just 10 minutes.

Also, the level of creativity packed in a 30-second video is top-level, and users can’t stop binging for more. The soundtracks embellished in the videos can’t stop ringing in one’s head. TikTok integrates with Apple music store giving content creators a vast library of music.

Random Videos

The “For You” feeds ensure the party is always on for TikTok users. By the time you are putting your phone down thinking it’s been a minute, hours have already lapsed. “For You” feed utilizes TikTok smart algorithm to recommend random videos for users to watch from creators who you would ordinarily not have followed.

This mechanism is what fuels the highly addictive nature of the app. However, this is what makes TikTok attractive to content creators. Even the ones with as little as 100 followers can gain millions of views thanks to “For You” feed.

Fresh Content

Content discovery is central to TikTok experience. The algorithm powering the TikTok platform ensures that only fresh content is served up to you whenever you open the app. You never get bored with TikTok, especially with the random new videos. If one video is boring, there is always another alternative video that will interest you.

It’s all about swiping as you go. It’s not a surprise that it took the company less than a year to hit half a billion users compared to Facebook and Instagram that took an average of 4 years to attract such numbers into their platforms.


Ease of Access

Using TikTok is no brainer. As soon as you sign up, the app tells you what challenges are trending so that you are in the know. Teens figured it out a long time ago. 40% of TikTok users are young people aged between 16 to 24. Millennials and Gen X are also in it – making up the rest of the percentage.

Also, challenges are not limited to only celebrities – everyone is invited to the party. Besides, unlike Twitter, the comment section is full of support rather than hate. Of course, with social media platforms cyberbullying will be present (but that’s a story for another day).

Wrap Up

TikTok will continue to attract more users to its platform. With more power comes significant responsibilities. TikTok will have to change their style of internet censorship as common with Chinese companies and adopt a more transparent business model. If not, they risk even more fines and bans.

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