OWC launches Envoy Pro SX SSD having blazing performance and rock-solid build

OCW that is known for its storage solutions has announced the launch of the new Thunderbolt portable SSD, which the company said can deal with almost anything thrown at it. While that should be a good indicator of how tough the OWC Envoy Pro SX is, the good thing is, the SSD also excels in its primary role, that of having super-fast writing and reading speeds. Besides, the SSD is also extremely portable and versatile as well.

What makes the SSD so special is the integration of OWC’s Aura Pro SSD storage technology, which together with TRIM support allows for blazingly fast performance when attached to the Thunderbolt. Worth mentioning, the device also comes bundled with a Thunderbolt cable that plugs into the Thunderbolt and USB 4 slots present in the Macs and PCs.

Its versatility can be gauged from the fact that it can be used as a bus-powered drive for daily storage or backup requirements. Thereafter, the SSD is equally capable of dealing with a surge in workflow, such as when used in scenarios where audio, design, and photo editing are dealt with. For those who’d prefer pure numbers, the SSD has a real-world performance rating of 2847 MB/s1 with Macs and PCs that come equipped with modern Thunderbolt and USB 4 ports.

All of this might seem farfetched going by the looks of the SSD, which seems too small and light to pull off such speeds. It is just one-third the size of regular SSDs while tipping the scales at just about half a pound. Add to that the SSD’s capability to survive even in the harshest of environments and you have a real champion at your disposal. The product is certified for the drop, water, and dust proofing.

The SSD is just about perfect for any tasks you can think of, be it storage or backup of audio, video, images, graphics, information, or gaming. With fan-less aluminum construction, this prevents the accumulation of heat and hence allows for super silent operations. A rubberized rear ensures the device remains where it is intended to be and does not skid off easily. The SSD also includes an LED indicator that shows the status of the device, like if it is charging and so on.

Coming to the price, the OWC Envoy Pro SX starts at $199. The SSD is available in storage options of 240 GB to up to 2 TB and can be ordered via MacSales.com.

As for the company, OCW is counted among zero-emissions technology company that is known for the development of accessories such as memory, external drives, and SSDs for Macs and PCs. These apart, the company is also into producing Mac and PC docking stations as well.


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