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Out of Checks? Six Alternative Methods of Payment Besides Cash

For many years, making a payment or sending money with a check has been convenient and straightforward. There are many check printing services available that can help you get new checks quickly. However, before ordering that next set of checks, you may want to consider an alternative form of payment.

There are a few security concerns involved with using checks. First, the check can be stolen and cashed by anyone who finds it, particularly through the mail. A paper check spends a significant amount of time outside the bank and is only slightly more secure than cash. It can take several days for a check to reach its destination, and the payee often has to go out of their way to go to an ATM or bank.

With smartphones and modern banking technology, using an online payment method is often the fastest and most secure way to send money. Unfortunately, there is a seemingly endless catalog of options available when it comes to payment platforms. It can be difficult to determine which online payment methods are the most secure and efficient. Here are a few services you can look into next time you need to send money.

Bank Transfer

Sending money through your bank’s payment methods is often the most secure way to send money or make a payment online. Most bank login portals have a transfer form with clearly outlined instructions. You can securely save payee information online, making payment scheduling or repeat payments fairly easy. The money is also directly deposited into the recipient’s account, which is extremely useful for larger transactions.

There are a few drawbacks to sending money directly through the bank. There first is in regards to the fee structure involved with making a transfer. The bank may charge a set percentage or flat fee for money sent to an account at a different bank. In addition, you will need to have the account and routing number of the payee. This system results in the bank transfer payment method only applying to individuals who know each other well.

Paypal and Venmo

Paypal is an online payment platform that primarily allows its users to make secure eCommerce purchases online without entering credit or debit card information. Paypal also has a money transfer system that directly deposits money to another person’s bank account or Paypal wallet. Both the payer and payee will need to have a Paypal account in order to initiate a transaction.

Once you have signed up for Paypal, you can add credit cards or bank accounts as payment methods. Paypal is particularly great for international transactions, with payments available in a variety of currencies. Paypal is fast, secure, and easy to use, and does not have conversion fees for these different currencies.

Venmo is an app owned by Paypal that integrates your phone’s contacts as potential payees and makes it easy to send money to friends and family. The platform is particularly fantastic for quick repayments whenever you are out and about. Each Venmo profile has a unique QR code so others can find your profile quickly.

Payment history is available publicly on each person’s profile by default, though the actual amounts are not visible for those not involved in the transaction. The public payment history feature can easily be turned off whenever desired. There is also the option to set up a business profile or charge another person through the app.


Masterpass is a digital wallet platform from Mastercard. You can load the digital wallet with funds from a credit or debit card and then send money to anyone else with a Masterpass account. Unfortunately, this platform is not as universal as Venmo or Paypal; you may have to ask the payee to sign up for an account. Luckily, this can be done in just a few minutes and does not cost anything.

Masterpass provides a more private and professional experience when compared to platforms such as Venmo. There are several shopping options and coupons available for users through the Masterpass website or smartphone app.

Google and Apple Pay

Google and Apple Pay are digital wallet platforms that are directly linked to your Google account or Apple ID, respectively. This connection ensures you will not have to sign up for a new account. However, if you sign up for Google or Apple Pay by adding a credit card, you may want to enable two-step verification for your Google or Apple account. Two-step verification can help reduce the security concerns related to saving credit or debit numbers as the indirect payment method on your account.

Many retailers and businesses accept Google and Apple Pay as the preferred alternatives to cash, credit, and debit cards. To pay in stores, simply tap the Google, Apple, or NFC icon for contactless checkout. These platforms have grown exponentially with the recent onset of the Covid-19 pandemic for this very reason.


Bitcoin payments are a bit outside the box at the present, but still provide an interesting way to send or invest money. Bitcoin is both a currency and а monetary system that does not have a physical equivalent similar to cash. Bitcoin does not have a central bank, which means that its value has the potential to fluctuate.

Conclusion– Six Alternative Methods of Payment Besides Cash

Still, need to use checks? Use a secure check printing company that delivers its products as quickly as possible. Checks should be printed with controlled paper stock and thermochromic ink, and include a chemical wash detection box on the backside. Unfortunately, checks are significantly less secure than using any of the above-described methods of payment. With smartphone technology and the internet, many online platforms provide faster and more secure payment options when compared to checks and cash.

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