Since the Mac Pro came to the market, there have been more and more electronic products with barrel design. Now, ORICO brings the USB Type-C expansion dock, which really surprises us. Compared with the traditional square-shaped USB expansion dock products, the appearance of this ORICO ADS5 is undoubtedly much more eye-catching.

Aluminum Alloy plus cylinder shape, the design of ORICO ADS5 perfectly absorbs the essence of Apple’s Mac Pro. It maintains functional diversity and provides a more compact and aesthetically pleasing visual experience, in line with the aesthetic needs of the new era of consumers.

On ORICO ADS5, you can find almost all interfaces that today’s electronic products use, including audio, video, data, network, power and other aspects.

According to the frequency of usage of the interface plug, ORICO ADS5 is divided into two regions. The commonly used USB-A, audio headset and microphone jacks are on the front, and on the back of ORICO ADS5, it provides USB-A, HDMI, USB Type-C, RJ45 interfaces for users to add more multiple devices.

It is worth mentioning: its HDMI interface supports 4K resolution, six USB 3.0-A expansion ports to meet the additional needs of the user; the user need not be subject to the new device interface limits, and can continue to use existing peripherals. To some extent, it also reduces substantial cost of updating device.

In addition, ORICO also designed a dual power supply mode. If using it with desktop / general notebook not supporting PD and other equipment, it’s enough to directly use DC 12V interface.

With this kind of product, you can enjoy the lightness of the new equipment when you go out, but also fully engage in the work when you are indoor. This is the convenience that the development of science and technology brings to us. If you want to know more products about ORICO, please refer to