Oracle has announced a new unnamed technology platform, which enables you to build and run chatbots. Announced at the Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, chief technology officer Larry Ellison revealed that the new chatbot platform can be used by simply dragging and dropping the required tools on a graphical interface.

According to VentureBeat, even though Oracle has positioned its core technology platform as a gateway for enterprise mobile apps, the new chatbots will also seamlessly work with apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack. The latest development by Oracle is in line with the aggressive push by Facebook and Microsoft towards the beginning of the chatbots era.

New Oracle chatbot performs work by drag and drop

As per reports coming in, the new Oracle chatbot development platform will not require you to work and write code in Java, PHP, and C#. Instead, you can simply drag and drop the required tools to the graphical user interface. This is similar to the functionality of Visual Studio, where you drag the Toolbox controls and drop it to the visual editor.

New Oracle chatbot runs on Apple iPhone

During his speech, Ellison showcased a Messenger chatbot developed using the proposed new platform running on an iPhone. He also demonstrated the various steps required to exchange text-based messages with the bot. However, the message was sent by the name Oracle Mobile Procurement to place a new order for a new set of business cards.

Even though the company has announced the launch of the proposed Oracle chatbot, we don’t have any information as to when the new service will be launched. In the meantime, popular technology companies like Oracle are working hard to show to the outside world that they are not late to the bots field.

To recall, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently disclosed that Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered bots will become the next interface. The bots will shape our future interactions with the applications to a large extent. The chatbots will change the way in which you interact with the application and devices.