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Oppo K10 confirmed to launch in India on March 23

Oppo has started to hype its upcoming smartphone launch in India, the Oppo K10. The company now has a landing page that is dedicated to the K10 which it said will launch in India on March 23. This is also the first time the company is launching a new K-series phone in the country in around three years. Oppo had last launched a K series phone – the OPPO K3 5G back in 2019.

Oppo also stated they will have more information to share on the Oppo K10 starting March 16. While the official launch of the K10 will take place on March 23, the phone will hit the streets on March 29. The company stated the K10 will be available to buy directly from the company website as well as via Flipkart. The phone will come in shades of blue and black.

The other notable feature of the phone is undoubtedly the elaborate camera enclosure on the rear which hosts two rather large shaped sensors while a third sensor is on the side, sitting just below the LED flash. Also, it is a 50 MP primary sensor that the K10 comes with though it is not known at the moment what the other two sensors are going to be like. Meanwhile, there also is the ’10-K Super Performance’ tagline inscribed on the far right edge of the rear. The company is also not revealing the entire front of the smartphone but what seems evident is that there is going to be a hole-punch display on the front for the selfie cam.

As for its processor, it likely is going to be a Dimensity 8000 chipset powering the smartphone. Also, while it is still speculation, the K10 is also tipped to come with 80W fast charging though there likely is going to be a high-end version of the K10 as well, one that will have 150W fast charging and a Dimensity 8100 chipset at its core.

Coming to price, the K10 is expected to be in the vicinity of Rs. 20,000 or so.

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