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Opera Browser power saving mode extends battery life by 50 percent


Most of the Laptop users face the problem of running out of battery at the wrong moment . It is the most frustrating thing that can happen to you while browsing, and you can’t do anything, maybe you forgot your charger at home or just don’t have access to power where you’re sitting.

To ease this frustration, the tech company Opera has added a new power- saving mode to its web browser.

The company on Thursday introduced first major browser which includes a dedicated power saving mode. The company claims the new feature will extend the battery life by up to 50 percent, compared to google chrome – the world’s most famous browser.

The company explains that the new feature work by reducing activity in the background tabs, pausing animation of browser theme, automatically pausing unused plug-ins, by reducing the frame rate to 30 frames per second.

Compared to other devices

The company also said that they have tested the new feature against other option including google chrome, and “the results of testing new feature are very promising” said Opera’s Pawel Miniewicz. By sharing the results in a blog post.

Image source (opera blog)

Getting started

It is easy to use the new power saving mode feature. When laptop’s power cable is unplugged, the battery icon will automatically appear next to search and address field in the Opera browser. Then click the battery icon to activate power saving mode.

The browser will also suggest you to enable power saving mode when your laptop reaches 20 percent remaining battery capacity.

The company believes that This feature will help in saving your battery life without compromising the speed and functionality you expect.