Opera expands business with a new identity, a new Logo “O”

Washington: Opera, initiating 20 years back with just providing a browsing platform to the users, now flaunts the business expansion and announces a renovation that it has been blessed with recently. It drops “Software” from its logo and introduces “O”.

It will now onwards be seen as a leading internet company providing wonderful online services rather than just be titled as some typical and outdated software company.

The company boasts of reaching across as many as 1 billion users per month from all over the world via its ads as well as the apps and Opera Mediaworks.

The sources from the company suggest that with the company spreading its wings wide by offering a yet wider range of services to the customers, “more than technology”, a new brand identity is a must.

A revamped 3D logo with “O” symbol that the company has adopted denotes the increasing scope, a bigger gateway leading towards more and more of everything; be it, content, exploring, communication or more.

Revealing the new Opera brand

Opera will be enthralling the consumers with all the services in highly advanced and enhanced form.

Opera proudly calls this “new look and feel” about the company’s logo to be “more than just a logo shift”.

The new logo, as the company perceives it, will be recognized fairly as a portal that will connect users quickly to whatever they are seeking on the web.

And the new identity is being touted the result of 1 year-long collaboration among Opera’s own team, DixonBaxi (a UK-based company) and Norway-based Anti, who altogether worked to bring about a positive refurbishment in the company’s name and identity.

As per the speculations, the company will soon be launching its first flagship product to symbolize the magnificence of this grand logo and that is likely to be Opera Mini supporting iOS.

A Spokesperson for the company claimed that after this product a lot like Opera for Android, for computers, for Windows phone, etc. may be seen rolling out soon.

With all this, at last the company hinted at the impending renovation that the icons as well as logos of Opera Max and Opera Coast (iOS browser), the data management apps, might get.

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