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Opera browser gimmicks users to feel for faster browsing by enabling native ad-blocking

Opera browser recently introduced a new native ad-blocking feature which is claimed to provide an enhanced and fast browsing experience. Even though a third party ad-blocker will do the trick, Opera has implemented a native ad-blocking mechanism to keep online ads at bay.

With the rapid growth in online advertising and more webmasters integrating ads into their websites, major browser companies like Opera have been looking to prevent them from displaying on the user’s computer.

According to company sources, blocking ads will lead to improved loading times. Moreover, the rapid increase in online, pop-ups and text ads has compromised online security to a large extent. Beginners who are not aware of the consequences are lured by the promises displayed on the ads, which will cause malwares to enter their systems.

However, before integrating the native ad-blocking feature, the company has not taken into account the views of millions of webmasters across the globe and the efforts they have taken to monetize their portals to generate revenue out of them. The biggest loss is for the advertisers who will lose out a big chunk of their revenue for all the hits triggered via Opera browser.

Yes. It’s true that ads are not safe but there are online ads which will not do any harm to the computer. Opera should remember that if one person makes a fault, not all people should be treated the same manner.

The main aim of these ads is to attract users by prompting them to click on it, which will ultimately fetch some revenue for both the people behind the website and the advertising company.

Instead of native implementation of ad-blocker, Opera should have released an extension and the user should be given a choice whether they would like to display ads or not.

The company, Opera should not dictate terms to users in this world where freedom of expression is being much debated.

If people don’t have any problem whatsoever in viewing the ads displayed on the site, then why come Opera introduce the native ad-blocking feature.

It is being said that the feature is added to improve browsing, but is there any credible report to authenticate this fact. Does Opera do any survey among users before integrating native ad-blocking feature?

Opera, instead of playing these dirty tricks, should work behind to improve the core technology and the user interface like in Google Chrome, Firefox and UC Browser.

From our experience, Firefox consumed huge memory and tends to become slow in older PCs. However, Google Chrome works perfectly without any problem on the same PC. This shows how Google has modified the core code in such a way to render fast browsing experience without compromising online ads.

Opera should work to improve the core code used to develop the browser rather than integrating childish features like native ad-blocking feature.