VRT, the public broadcasting station of Belgium accused Opel Dealers of installing an illegal ‘Defeat Device’ due to which the emission of nitrogen oxide is gradually reduced. It is seen in the case of all Zafira cars having a 1.6 liter CDTI diesel engine that come in for servicing.

VRT explains that due to this modification, there is a gradual drop in the NOx or Nitrogen oxide emissions, which further lead to reduced power output.

It is surprising to see this, since the model had already passed the European Emission Standards, claims DUH (Bern University of Applied Sciences and Environmental lobby club),

Earlier, there was just an issue with the rotation of the rear wheels, when they were spun along but when tested for Nox emissions, they were as per the limits set by European standards.

General Motors reportedly denied these claims of an update program or defeat devices being used. However, updates were pushed by GM soon after the Dieselgate scandal. (Source: ft.com)

Earlier, US government had accused Volkswagen of using illegal emission software. It led to around 500,000 cars being recalled after the discovery of a sophisticated software being used for cheating emission tests, allowing cars to produce 40 times the pollution than its limit.

The trick was discovered after rigorous mechanical testing and would undergo further investigations to come to conclusions.