Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) now claims that the notice announcing the end of bitcoin support was an error. It has pulled own the notice from its website.That comes only a day after a Microsoft website put up a notice that the company would no longer allow customers to redeem bitcoin into their Microsoft accounts.

Since late 2014, Microsoft has enabled its customers to receive bitcoin into their Microsoft accounts. Customers can use bitcoin currency in their accounts to purchase content in Xbox and Windows stores. In Windows Store or Xbox store, customers can use bitcoin to buy apps and a host of other services offered by Microsoft.

Besides restating its commitment to support bitcoin, Microsoft has also apologized to its customers for the erroneous notice that implied the company was ending bitcoin-themed transactions in its marketplaces.

The notice that Microsoft has since disowned implied that the company was done with the 18-month trial of bitcoin, suggesting that the software giant was ending support for the digital currency. But Microsoft has not only reaffirmed its continued support for Bitcoin but also highlight the efforts it’s making to utilize bitcoin’s underlying technology in some other ways.

As part of the efforts to put bitcoin’s underlying technology to use, Microsoft has come up with an offering that it calls blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS). The company says BaaS is a simplified blockchain developer environment based on the cloud. Through BaaS, Microsoft is looking at putting in a place a certified blockchain marketplace.

The blockchain technology that drives bitcoin transaction has also elicited excitement among banks. However, bitcoin itself has increasingly become a controversial subject. The digital currency has also continued to shed value in the recent months.

For example, by the time Microsoft and a host of other companies jumped into the support of bitcoin towards the end of 2014, the cryptocurrency was trading against the dollar at three times its present value.