Torrent sites have been used for the last few decades to access and download files via the internet. When using the internet in general, it is best to always err on the side of caution. While the web can be used for a number of wonderful things, as well as to improve productivity and streamline processes, there are several dangers that can occur from improper and unsafe usage. As with any aspect of life, keeping yourself safe should be your utmost priority, no matter what your task or goal is.

While torrent sites can be used safely, educating yourself on the possibility of dangers associated with unknown files or providers can help you make smarter choices.

Do Your Research

Looking into the best torrent software or provider available, that works in line with the law, can help you to find legitimate files that do not breach any copyright attached to items. This may involve looking into sites that are available, as well as any news relating to their ownership and usage over the years.

Many torrent sites have been shut down since their creation due to not following these protocols, however many smaller ones still operate freely thanks to their abidance of rules and the type of files that they can host.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network can be used to allow you a greater amount of access to torrenting sites. VPN usage is legal in the United States, so long as you again avoid downloading copyrighted material.

The VPN allows you to circumvent your location. This changes your IP address to match that of one of the countries of your choosing, which can allow you to access content and websites that are usually bound by country restrictions. Considering that a lot of torrent sites have been blocked on the US internet, this is a good way of getting around those blocks while still adhering to acceptable internet usage.

You can then remove the VPN at the end of your browsing, which will revert your IP address back to what it was previously. In addition to this, VPN use can also help protect your identity when using the internet, which can be a good tool for those who have concerns about cybersecurity.

Keep Antivirus Software Up to Date

Having antivirus software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone can help to prevent you from viruses, bugs, adware, and malware. While some of these may merely cause a nuisance, others can permanently damage your equipment, leading to either a replacement needed or an expensive repair bill.

This antivirus software can also protect you when using torrent sites. While many will use it to innocently share files, others may upload files that people may wish to download, but the files contain these harmful viruses or other items, such as keyloggers which may be used to harvest data and financial information.

Keeping yourself safe when using torrent sites, as well as the internet as a whole, can help protect you from cybercrime. By gaining the correct information, and being cautious of the items you download, you can reduce your risk.