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Online Games – Desktop vs Mobile?

Wondering which platform is the best for enjoying your favorite online casino games? If you’re having a hard time deciding if you should play on a computer or a mobile, you should, first of all, know that you’re not the only one. Sure, the numbers show that mobile won this battle in recent years. However, that was a side effect of the fast-paced lives we were living in. Now, that things seem to have slowed down a bit or even stopped completely from some of us that are stuck at home, this debate is once again up for discussion. So, no matter if you’re new to the entire online casino landscape or you just want to hear all about the advantages and downsides of each platform, this article is for you.

Playing Casino Games on Desktop

We’re doing our best to treat the two opposing platforms as equal, however, there’s no avoiding the fact that according to the latest reports, around 60% of all casino enthusiasts were playing from mobile. So, the desktop/laptop platforms enter this comparison as underdogs. However, as previously stated, the popularity of mobile was also boosted by the fact you were always on the move.

Besides the major downside of not being able to move around while playing your favorite casino games on a desktop or laptop, this platform holds lots of advantages. First of all, you can enjoy the games on a big screen and most of the time at better resolutions than what the mobile phone display can deliver. Also connected with the screen size, even though developers of casino games keep the gameplay the same on mobile and desktop, some UI features need to be let out for mobile optimization. For example, all the buttons that allow you to quickly adjust the bet are right there on the screen when playing on desktop compared to mobile where you need to access a new menu before you can adjust the bet.

Another chapter where laptop or desktop platforms hold an advantage is the graphic quality for certain video slots. Sure, smartphones nowadays are very powerful in terms of the processing unit and even GPU, however, the small size of the devices means they can never compete with a laptop or desktop. And since the game developers use more and more graphical elements in the newest video slots that look more like computer video games than casino games – Max Quest from Betsoft being a very good example in that direction – you will enjoy an improved experience on a desktop.

Enjoying Your Favorite Slots on Mobile

Now that we’ve seen what playing from a desktop or laptop brings to the experience of enjoying online casino games, it’s time to check focus on mobile. It may feel natural to play mobile pokies at coronavirus times since you’ve been doing it before as well. However, what’s stopping you to enjoy the benefits of playing the same games on a bigger screen, with more processing power and the ability to play faster?

Well, for starters, there are plenty of casino aficionados out there that prefer the simplified version of the casino games available on mobile. Secondly, even if you’re not traveling as much as you did before, mobility is still a huge advantage. Sure, you’re not commuting to work every day, or you may not leave on a lunch break to take your phone with you and play on the way. However, you’re still taking lunch breaks when working at home, you spend time in the kitchen preparing food and being able to access your favorite casino games on mobile is still a huge advantage. Taking your phone with you for a few quick spins while you’re preparing your lunch or dinner is an advantage that you won’t be able to enjoy with a desktop.

Another advantage that playing on mobile comes with is the ability to put the game on autoplay and continue focusing on your other activities while checking the phone from time to time. Those that are big fans of gambling from a desktop or laptop will say that this is true for their favorite platforms as well, however, you can keep your phone with you at all times. The same can’t be said about desktops or laptops.

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