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Online Coding Classes Are Not All the Same Quality

Parents looking to give their kids a good time while preparing them for the future often turn to online coding classes for understandable reasons. They teach kids how to control the programming languages that power the websites, video games, and apps that play such a huge role in our society, lives, and the economy.

However, not all online coding classes are the same, and parents who don’t have much experience with computers may struggle to tell the weak programs from the strong ones. Let’s take a look at a few of the differentiators.

Programming Video Games

Kids have always been drawn to playing video games. They’ll love coding them even more! Creating a video game kind of becomes its own game, and after completing this challenge, kids can share their game with friends and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Children will have so much fun learning to code that they won’t even realize they’re learning. Gamification should be in the program too, so it harnesses the same systems and design languages video games use to engage children, helping them learn.

Professional Coding Languages

Children learn a lot of valuable indirect lessons from learning to code. STEM skills are crucial, and they’ll learn to think laterally and logically, as an engineer.

It’s also crucial for them to get direct knowledge about the specific languages used to make apps like Netflix or video games like Angry Birds. Look for classes on programming for kids that teach coding languages professionals to rely on in the field every day, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

The soft skills associated with computer skills are invaluable, too. But nothing replaces knowing how to manipulate the specific coding languages that power the digital world millions or even billions of people worldwide use daily.

Small Groups

It’s hard to absorb much information in a chaotic atmosphere or when the teacher struggles to concentrate and allot their focus on each student. Look for an online coding class conducted in small groups, so students don’t need to compete with their classmates for their teacher’s attention.

Some programs have as few as four students per teacher with no minimum, so they’ll run even if your child is the lone student.

Young Teachers

Ideally, today’s students learn to code from teachers with relatable experiences. It’s best to learn how to code a video game from instructors who also grew up playing them as kids.

This similar experience gives rise to an important intangible quality, a passion that can’t be arrived at any other way. Practically speaking, younger teachers also have timely experience learning to code in school and navigating the job market. Picking their brains will yield invaluable nuggets of wisdom that better prepare them for school and the workforce.

It’s wise for parents to empower their children with fun classes that teach them how to use and control the technology that drives the modern world and the future. Remember the above criteria, so you sidestep the mediocre coding classes and find the better ones faster.

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