OnePlus Type C Bullets earphones review: Market disrupters

OnePlus, the brand which was sticking with the 3.5mm audio jack when other OEM’s were jumping ships finally lost the battle. The OnePlus 6T ditched the jack in favour of a slightly larger battery and in-display fingerprint tech. Now to tackle this, the brand updated their Bullets V2 earphones to have a USB Type C jack and a built-in DAC while keeping the similar design.

For INR 1,490 ($20), the OnePlus Type-C Bullets earphones are the cheapest ones to come with a dedicated DAC along with a mic unit. We tried out the pair for close to two weeks with different devices and here is our review.

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • OnePlus Type C Bullets earphones
  • Ear tips
  • User Manual

OnePlus Type c Bullets earphones 1


The Type C bullets have a design language going around like the Bullets V2. The casing is made in part with plastic and metal. This time around, the earphones come in a single paint job option, ‘Black’, which makes the overall look a bit more premium. The long flat style cable makes a comeback again and is still prone to tangling if not properly wrapped.

The mic and volume control module is slick and has a little OnePlus logo embossed onto it. The main change is on the other end of the cable. There is a Type C connector which also houses the dedicated DAC which supports up to 24bit audio, effectively making them the cheapest pair of earphones with a DAC onboard.

OnePlus Type c Bullets earphones 3

The flat in-ear module makes for a comfortable experience overall and we didn’t really feel uneasy. The lightweight of the buds contributes to the overall pleasant experience.


OnePlus Bullets series has always been known for their crystal clear mids and the newly launched buds are no exception. They are good for listening vocals and instrumental tracks while also providing a pinch of bass. The bass isn’t overpowering and is suited for people who are into EDM and Hip-pop. The treble is balanced and is overall decent considering the price of the earphones.

The lows are defined while the highs are rolled. They are overall balanced and provide a little to every type of music lover out there. One area where they shine is compatibility. We connected them to Windows laptops and MacBook and they fired up instantly. Most of the smartphones that use a Type C port were compatible thanks to the inbuilt DAC. Making them good for people who have invested in the Type C ecosystem.

For taking full advantage of the audio quality that these buds are capable to provide, we would encourage you to play high bit rate tracks and the source should be decent too.

OnePlus Type c Bullets earphones 2


OnePlus Type C Bullets earphones – INR 1,490


  • Good Build quality
  • In-built DAC
  • Decent price


  • None

Verdict – Should you go for it?

With the Type C bullets, OnePlus is again disrupting the market, since there aren’t any good Type C buds in the market currently, especially at this price point. We liked the overall balanced soundstage which caters to a wide audience. Compatibility is yet another area where the OnePlus Type C Bullets earphones shine.

These are a must for OnePlus 6T unless you plan on going for the Bullets Wireless. They do work with older gen OnePlus smartphones, so those users can rock a pair as well.