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OnePlus claims OS used in OnePlus One is different from Micromax Yu

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The curious case of OnePlus One and Micromax battle is slowly developing in India. After OnePlus was banned from importing, marketing, and selling OnePlus One phones in India, the company now tells Delhi High Court that the operating system that runs on OnePlus One is different from Micromax Yu.

Micromax Yu is the new phone the company released last week that runs on popular Cyanogen operating system out of the box. Cyanogen makes a modified Android version that is extremely popular for being fast and user-friendly.

Delhi High Court imposed the ban on OnePlus One sales after Micromax sought an injunction against OnePlus for infringing on exclusive rights it had after signing a deal with Cyanogen. Micromax said it has signed an exclusivity deal with Cyanogen Inc., under which Micromax will sell phones that are powered by Cyanogen software in India. If OnePlus continues to sell their phones runnning CyanogenMod, Micromax will “suffer irreparable harm and loss”, the company told the court.

Seeing that Micromax indeed had an exclusivity deal with Cyanogen, the court banned OnePlus One phones in India. Following the ban, OnePlus halted the sales of their devices, but is now telling the court that their operating system is different from Micromax’s Yu.

According to OnePlus, the OnePlus One runs on CM11S version of Cyanogen software, while Micromax’s Yu runs on a different version. The company also sought three months from the court to clear out its current stock and come up with new software that will replace Cyanogen as the default operating system.

Various sources reported that the court observed Cyanogen wasn’t fair with OnePlus and Micromax in the first place, as it allowed OnePlus One to ship phones in India with Cyanogen software despite Micromax having the exclusive rights over the business.

OnePlus is still waiting for the court’s decision on this matter. If the court rules in its favor, the company will be able to sell off its current stock and prepare the next batch of OnePlus One with a customized operating system, different from Cyanogen’s version.

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