OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is out now, everything that we saw in rumours is true but the only thing I am disappointed about is that the rumours were wrong about the small bezel feature. OnePlus 5, the new flagship killer is better than the previous version OnePlus 3T in every aspect. The main attraction is the dual camera on a OnePlus smartphone for the first time and this is the highest specification of a dual camera ever on any smartphone.

OnePlus 5 looks a lot similar to iPhone 7 So even if OnePlus 5 has all the new and better specs, is it really a good move to upgrade your One Plus 3T to OnePlus 5? Let’s find out.

Display and Design

The display is same as OnePlus did on OnePlus 3T, nothing changed here. All we have here is a 5.5 inches Optic AMOLED display with 401 PPI pixel density. All that is upgraded at this part is the protection, OnePlus 5 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 where OnePlus 3T has the previous version of Gorilla Glass.

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Well, the design has been changed a lot if you are familiar with OnePlus 3T then OnePlus 5 won’t look familiar to you. The design which OnePlus adapted is inspired a lot by the iPhone 7, everything is at the same place as we saw on iPhone 7. Only the home button is oval instead of a circle, also there is no premium colour like before; we will miss you soft gold.


Yes, the camera is the main focus this time because this is the first time any OnePlus smartphone is coming with dual camera setup. OnePlus 5 has the highest dual camera specs ever on any smartphone, it got 16MP + 20 MP setup with 1.6X optical zoom.

OnePlus 5

This time the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is absent, there is Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) instead, controlled by a gyro. The video capabilities are also same as before. The front facing camera is also similar to OnePlus 3T only OnePlus 5 has EIS on its front facing camera.

Processor, Storage and RAM

As you know OnePlus always keeps up with the latest smartphone trend. When Snapdragon 821 released, OnePlus upgraded its OnePlus 3 to it making a new smartphone – OnePlus 3T. OnePlus 5 comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, only two smartphones has been released with this processor.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 comes in only two variants according to storage and RAM; 64GB with 6GB RAM and 128GB with 8GB RAM. The graphics processor has been upgraded from Adreno 530 to 540 which means more graphics power. Still running Android 7.1.1 based Oxygen OS with revamped launcher to match the stock Android interface.

Other features

The battery is 3300 mAh which is 100 mAh smaller than OnePlus 3T, and Dash charging is still here. Bluetooth has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5 which will take lesser power and saves battery just like the new Snapdragon 835 processor.


OnePlus really let me down wth OnePlus 5 in design and display part, I really wanted to see smaller bezels and Quad HD display. Now the answer, well according to all my research I will suggest you go for an upgrade. Why? because the 64GB storage and 6GB RAM version OnePlus 5 costs Rs. 32,999 which is a great deal for all the latest addition OnePlus did to OnePlus 5. And what’s better than one camera? well, you know right!

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