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OnePlus 5 users to get the new Face Unlock feature with latest update

OnePlus 5

The new OnePlus 5T’s most fascinating feature is the Face Unlock which isn’t available on its slightly older sibling OnePlus 5. However, Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus brought a good news for the users of the older version. The company is making arrangements to introduce the security measure in the OnePlus 5 as well. A specific timeline for the same wasn’t specified by the co-founder.

With new features emerging every now and then, unlocking the smartphone with facial recognition technology is the latest trend. Incorporating this new technology, Apple’s iPhone X grabbed all the attention from the users. The OnePlus 5 was rolled out just five months before the OnePlus 5T that houses the facial recognition feature. Users of the older version need not fret as the same shall be available soon on their Android devices as well.

Carl Pei tweeted on the day of Christmas, informing the users about the new step forward. The tweet read as follows:


“Due to popular demand, Face Unlock is coming for the OnePlus 5. Thanks for the feedback, and¬†Merry¬†Christmas.”

Fans speculate the arrival of this new feature for OnePlus 5 in the next few weeks instead of months. Although OnePlus’s Face Unlock feature is convenient, it isn’t as secure as the feature instilled on Apple’s iPhone X. The OnePlus analyzes the images taken from any standard front-facing camera with a fast approach that is totally based on a software. On the contrary, Apple follows a bit in-depth technique with the use of the infrared depth-mapping camera. This helps the smartphone authenticate the person’s identity.

That being said, OnePlus also has some tricks with the feature like analysis to prevent any easy spoofing of the Face Unlock which was revealed by the company in a forum post in November 2017. The forum post read as follows:

“To try to trick Face Unlock, someone might use a selfie on another phone and place this selfie in front of the OnePlus 5T in an effort to unlock it. Even though in real life you can argue that the risks of someone having physical access to your phone as well as a detailed enough selfie are low, we are always working to optimize Face Unlock,”

The post further stated that the new update shall enable the phone a better understanding of the subject emitting light in comparison with reflecting surface like your face. This is possible by analyzing the shadowed area VS the bright ones. Additional recent checks associated with this particular scenario was to take a look at the screen reflection on the surface of the face and other associated issues with the study of the face. The company is dedicated to regularly provide new updates to increase the efficiency of the Face unlock feature just as they do for the OxygenOS platform.


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