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OnePlus 3 issues: Battery drain, heating, update error, more and their workarounds

OnePlus 3 was the most awaited flagship smartphone of the year because of the latest chipset from Qualcomm and 6GB RAM. OnePlus crammed the best hardware out there, in an aluminum chassis. Since OnePlus 3 is denoted as a flagship, we had high expectations from the smartphone in all aspects whether display, camera or battery. However, we have witnessed OnePlus 3 issues. Some OnePlus 3 users are experiencing some serious bugs making the smartphone almost useless. If you are one of them, then check out the best solution for the persisting problems.

1. OnePlus 3 Issues: OTA Update Error

OnePlus 3 is shipping with Oxygen OS 3.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. OnePlus recently released a 300 MB OTA update, but OnePlus 3 users are unable to install this update as they are getting an error saying “There was a problem while installing the update. Please try again later.”


The solution for this error is simple; you need to reset your device. Create a backup of your important files on your PC or save them on the cloud to keep them from deleting. To reset the device go to Settings > Backup & reset > RESET PHONE > ERASE EVERYTHING. It will restart your device and will take some time to reset your phone to factory settings. You can try updating your phone after reset.

2. OnePlus 3 Issues: Battery Drain Issue

Battery drain is always an issue in Android flagship smartphones, but some of the OnePlus 3 users are reporting about extreme battery drain due to the default contacts app. The battery drains to 30 percent from 100 in just 5 hours, even on sleep mode.


The best solution or you can say workaround is to disable the default Contacts and dialer app and install the Google Contacts and phone app. To disable the default app, go to Settings > Applications > Android Core App and disable the app. Install Google Contacts and Phone app from Google Play store.

3. OnePlus 3 Issues: Out of focus camera

Some users are experiencing their OnePlus 3 camera to be out of focus. Auto-focus and touch focus, both are not working, and pictures are out of focus every time.


Cleaning the camera lens or using a third party camera app is not the solution for this issue because the camera module (the hardware) is faulty. You have to get your OnePlus 3 replaced from the service center.

4. OnePlus 3 Issues: No Push Notifications

OnePlus 3 users are experiencing a serious problem which makes the phone almost a piece of junk. No push notifications, this issue preventing the phone to show notifications at the instant of receiving in the app.


The problem is due to the doze mode feature in Android 6.0 Marshmallow which disables the apps while the phone is in sleep mode to save battery. To disable the Doze mode, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Script Manager from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Script Manager app and tap on plus (+) icon to create a new directory with a title “Boot script”.
  3. Open Menu (three dotted icon) and tap New Script. Name it as Disable doze.
  4. Open it with SM editor and type this code in next line “dumpsys deviceidle disable” and save the file.
  5. Tap the file again and select Su and Boot then tap Save.

Now you will receive the notifications as they will arrive.

5. OnePlus 3 Issues: Heating issue

What will you expect from a flagship smartphone with the latest hardware and high-end specifications? But some OnePlus 3 users are experiencing some serious heating issues while charging the smartphone or gaming for long hours. We understand this issue because of gaming but heating while charging really needs a solution.


We can only suggest you to check if the wall adapter is properly connected to the wall socket. Second what you can do is putting less stress on the smartphone while charging; disable mobile data, Bluetooth, and minimal use while the smartphone is charging.


OnePlus 3 is a great smartphone if you see the performance perspective but the build quality of the phone is not satisfactory. We listed most of the solutions which some OnePlus 3 users are getting through with the possible solutions. If you are facing an issue not listed here, then share it with us.

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